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Iron Sky (2012)
Directed by: Timo Vuorensola
Rating: 3.5/5

I had no real desire to watch this movie the first time I saw the trailer. To me it seemed like a ridiculous idea, and bordered along a B movie. Yet, just last week my friend emailed me and told me I should watch it. So I caved. I respect my friend’s opinions on movies as we like the same sort of stuff, so if she liked it, then I would too.

And I did. It was much more enjoyable than I thought, and thought provoking at the same time. I am amazed at what they were able to get away, and the ending was bitter-sweet. Which is a nice change from the Hollywood happily ever after endings.

I’m not sure how to define it though. It is a Science-Fiction-Fantasy-Steampunk style of movie. I’m only adding steampunk as the Nazi’s technology is very archaic. lol.

The premise of the movie is quite simple. In 1945, a group of Nazi’s fled Germany and Earth for the Moon. They succeeded in creating their own colony, and prepared for the day when they would reclaim Earth for themselves.

Their mission to earth starts when in 2018 the next pair of astronauts land on the dark side of the moon. The Nazi’s take it as an invasion and move to strike. One astronaut is killed while the other is taken captive. The learn of modern technology, and how his cell phone can power their ultimate space ship, with massive guns that would destroy the Earth period.

From there, the subplots come into play. The astronaut prisoner… black. Yeah, I know, it’s a bit disturbing at the racial slurs, but then again, these Nazi’s have been cut off from civilization on the earth for decands. They then try to brain wash him, that fails, but most importantly… they turn him white. Had I not seen Tropic Thunder, I may have taken that the wrong way, but if they could make Robert Downey Jr. Black for that movie, I guess they can do the reverse.

Then there is Renete, the schoolteacher who has a very altered view of Nazi’s. She’s the innocent in this, thinking that when they return to earth they will save earth and be heroes. She is a believer and it’s not until they arrive on earth and later when she discovers more about the true history of Nazi’s that she realizes all of her worship of Hitlar and their Socialist Party was mislead.

Then there is Klaus, Renete’s genetically matched future husband. He… is your typical tyrant villian. At first you think he does love Renete, but it’s obvious he is more in love with himself and the power of the Fuhrer. He also goes a bit crazy at the end.

I will admit that the visuals of the movie were quite superb, the massive structures of the moon base, with the designs and setting were really good. Especially the massive machines! It was a good throw back joke! Even the fight scenes when the attack on earth is started were very well done, and reminded me a lot of the battle in Serenity, Star Wars and Star Trek.

One of the best gags of the movie is having a Sarah Palin as President, and making horrible decisions. Other good scenes include Washington (the black astronaut turned white) as he addressed a bunch of “homies” in New York City, not knowing he had been turned white, wearing all the Nazi’s regalia; and the fight at the UN.

To put it simply, the movie was far better then I expected, though I had not expected a lot. It is still considered a B-type movie. The acting was not bad, though exaggerated in areas on purpose I believe. I would recommend watching this movie at least once if you are a fan of Sci-Fi and action movies. You will get a good kick out of it.