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Shadow Reapers

“So, they aren’t yours?” Alia asked.

“I’m a Wizard, not a Necromancer!” Narx shouted. The reaper had loosened it’s sword from the ground and shot out towards Narx. The others were moving towards the broken crate while more were still rising out of the dark corners of the ally. A blast of yellow flames burst forth from the wizard’s hand, hitting the reaper head on. A haunting, unnatural scream emerged from the creature as it disappeared back into the shadows.

“Well you could have fooled me. What wizard would want a thousand-year old corpse of an evil spirit?” Alia shouted as one of the reapers lunged at her. She slashed out with her dagger, catching the creature in the shoulder. Her dagger ripped through the darkened mass. Immediate it lost hold of it’s physical form and retreated back to the nearby shadow of the dumpster.

Alia glanced around, what had once been three Shadow Reapers had suddenly turned into a dozen. They filled the alley on both ends. The two were trapped.

“Damn-it! Get away from that!” Narx shouted moving towards the crate, sending a blue wave of electricity from his finger tips at the mass of reapers forming around the sarcophagus. “Get the troll.” He shouted back.

“Maalik?” Alia laughed, catching another nearby reaper with her single blade. “When was the last time you’ve heard of a Troll engaging in battle? Face it Wizard, your transaction with him is over, you’re on your own.”  Subconsciously Alia moved her right hand over to her hip, only to find it bare. She gave out a curse as she rolled out-of-the-way of another Reaper who had fallen from above towards her.

She was at a disadvantage, not only did she not have her gun but the illusion charm that hid her appearance also hindered her own strength and power, affecting her speed, agility and flexibility which were all skills she needed in this fight. Alia knew that she had to give up her cover, even with Narx in the ally with her, the Shadow Reapers were quickly outnumbering and over powering them as is.

Alia reached for her charm, the stone around her neck and was about to tear it off when a Reaper suddenly appeared to her left. It’s glowing yellow eyes and outstretched arms surprised the wolf-spirit as it tackled her to the ground. It’s razor sharp hands dug into her left arm and shoulder. It’s mouth opened and a red glow seemed to glow out from within him revealing a mouth full of sharp twisted fangs. With her right hand still firmly griping her dagger, she swing the blade over and angled it so that as the open jaw of the reaper came down to her neck, she thrust the bade through and out the back of it’s head.

It vanished, and the weight of it vanished with it. He left arm stung and hung limp to her side. This wasn’t good. She looked back at Narx who was fixated on the sarcophagus that he didn’t notice the dire state they were currently in. The dozen reapers had almost tripled their numbers by now. They hung from the fire escape above her, tramped the garbage dumpsters to either side of them and filled almost every nook and cranny of darkened ally. All Alia could see where their yellow eyes glowing back at her.

“You’re a wizard, do something!” Alia shouted at Narx. They needed a spell, a large one to save them now.

“I’m trying!” He shouted back. He sounded out of breath and Alia couldn’t blame him, he was spouting off spells every where he turned, though focused them all entirely on his precious mummy. That was when Alia realized what the shadow reapers were really up to. They had covered themselves all over the crate, the golden lid of the sarcophagus was completely out of sight, though Narx kept sending fire and electricity at them, they had become too many to completely get ride of. With every inch of the crate engulfed by shadow reapers, their yellow eyes began to disappear as the darkness they created shrunk into the shadows out of the single light above them.

Narx seemed to have come to the same conclusion as he flew himself at the mummy. Alia rushed to his side and grabbed his arm, pulling him back into the light. He refused to be held back and shoved Alia roughly to the ground. It was too late, the sarcophagus with the mummy of Apep with it vanished into the darkness along with the remaining Shadow Reapers.

“You idiot!” Narx shouted, turning quickly onto Alia. With an outstretched arms he used his magic to pull her up off the ground and slammed her into the brick wall. If she had thought he was growing weak before, she had been terribly mistaken, the power of the slam knocked the breath out of her as she gasped for air. “You had just lost the mummy of Apep! I could have retrieved you and you stopped me!”

“It was too late.” Alia gasped, fighting against the hold he now had on her body. “If you followed and the portal they used cut off, you could have lost your hand, or arm. I saved you’re life.”

“I didn’t ask for you to save my life!” Narx shouted. He stepped right in towards Alia, so that they were just inches apart, his eyes blazing into hers. “What the hell are you anyway? A dagger? Aren’t you some kind of witch? I could have used some back up instead of that fling flagging around you were doing.”

“Fine! Next time I’ll let you throw your life away!” Alia shouted back, a new anger rising inside of her. “I’m not a witch!” She added just as hotly. “Put me down!”

It appeared Alia’s confession of not being a witch had startled Narx who quickly let go of his hold against her body as she slid down to the ground back onto her own feet. Alia pushed Narx away hard and quickly turned to the shop’s door. Her entire left arm was numb down, the Shadow reaper’s clawed arms had really messed it up even in the dim light from the lamp Alia knew she would have to get someone to fix it up for her.

“You’re going to help me fix this.” Narx said to Alia’s back. She had just unlocked the door, her hand was on the knob and she stared back at the wizard with a bemused expression.

“No, I’m not.” With that she flung the door open and slammed it behind her. The idiot was too full of himself. If he had that much power still left within him he should have done something else rather than fire and electricity spells. Alia moved behind the desk, replaced her dagger and was just grabbing her bag when the chimes from the door filled the silence.

“You don’t have a choice!” Narx shouted as he stormed through the shop. “It was you’re fault I lost the mummy and I’m not going back empty-handed.”

“My fault? You were the one busy on you’re precious cell phone to even notice something was amiss. You’re the one who messed up. So go back to whomever and save the sappy story for them.”

“You have no idea what this is about.” Narx threatened.

“I know more than you, that’s for sure. Seriously why park your truck with your backup blocks away? This is Apep’s remains we’re talking about. I know that there are a tone of dark wizards, necromancers and other spirits who would do anything to get their hands on that mummy. Not to mention the Order. So I am not getting involved with this any further.” Alia finished. She pulled her messenger back over her shoulder and moved to the door, gesturing for Narx to get out with one firm hand gesture.

Narx was silent, he obviously had mistaken her for someone she’s not, an unintelligent witch with no magic. Now it seemed he was trying to reevaluate her.

“I’ll pay you.” He said as they stood once more in the open ally. Alia locked the door and paused for a second. This was supposed to be her night off, she didn’t really need the money but Matt had been bugging her to update her TV and internet products and service. “The troll doesn’t have to know.”

“I’m not worried about Maalik.” Alia replied quickly moving her way down towards White Street.

“What’s you’re price?”

“I can’t be bought either.”

“Listen.” Narx reached out and grabbed Alia’s bad arm. She let out a yell and quickly threw him off. Narx stared at her, then down to her arm and finally at his own hand which was now covered in blood. “You’re hurt?”

“It’s nothing.” Alia said turning her back on the wizard once more. Narx wasn’t giving up though and quickly jogged past her to block her way.

“Listen, as you said Apep is highly valuable to a lot of really dangerous people and spirits. If you help me out with that, I can put a good word in with the Order.”

Alia looked at him as if he had just gone crazy. “You’re from the Order?”

“Well… sort of. I’m undercover.” Narx said, his face looking more nervous as he glanced around them. “We can’t talk here. Not out in the open like that. I know a guy who is a good healer. Let me take you to him and we can talk there.”

Alia hesitated. She didn’t know if Narx was trying to play her or not. If he really was part of the Order, he should know who she was. She had served the Order of Dynast for over a century before she quit, and it wasn’t as if she didn’t make a name for herself in the time spent there either. He didn’t know her, didn’t recognize her if that was the case which made his story sound fishy to her. Alia began to shake her head and moved past Narx, this was none of her business after all, not anymore. The nagging feeling didn’t leave, and a few second later she remembered the charm around her neck. Of course he wouldn’t recognize her, few of her companions from the Order did these days. It was her way of being indiscrete and out of the Order’s radar.

She turned and faced Narx, he had not turned away but had continued to stare into the back of her head. He had a point, Apep’s mummy was too dangerous for anyone to have.

“One condition.” She said. Narx stepped forward saying nothing. “The mummy goes to the Order of Dynst for classification and protection.” It would confirm the man’s suspicion that she wanted to be a good little girl for the Order. If he believed that, she could do her own investigation on him.