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Well, i’ve certainly fallen off he wagon. Here I was, planning to really do something with my writing, even if they were small chapter chunks at a time for some ongoing storyline. Well… sorry to say things have not worked out according to plan. I’ve been preoccupied with my role play sites, joint posts and other threads. Then there is real life, work and getting together with friends.

And to top it all off… April has become Camp NaNoWriMo! That’s right, one month to write a novel, except this time i’m editing my 2012 NaNo Novel. That’s right i’m a Rebel and editing for the first time… which is not going so well, i’ve just about reached the end of Act 1, and i’ve basically rewritten it from scratch. 😦

So, in order to continue my theme on keeping this blog more about my fiction writing instead of my ranting i’ve included an excerpt.

I hope you enjoy!

Elylsia Paranormal Society: The Standing Stone
By Natalie McKay
Act 1: Chapter 8 (last half)

The stone growing larger and more dangerous the closer she came, it was almost ten feet high and more then five feet wide around the base. It loomed over her, imposing and frightening. Just take the sensors off… she reminded herself as she reached up to the one closest to her an gently pulled the wireless tab off the stone.

It popped off neatly and Madison felt air flow out of her mouth as she prepared to reach for the second. That one too came off with ease, part of Madison began to relax as she moved her way around the stone. It was a stone after all, no matter what Merek said about a heartbeat, legend or not, it’s just a hunk of rock.

The next sensor wouldn’t move. Madison pulled at it again with no luck, she bit her lip and reached her finger out to try and pry the sensor off, it was just a scrap, barely a touch to the cold rough surface when she felt her body suddenly lurch, the ground disappeared beneath her feet, the sky grew black and Madison felt herself fall. A scream erupted from her lungs, though the sound would not travel, wouldn’t even echo, it was as if only her mind could hear it.


In the darkness there was laughter, a menacing sort of laughter that reminded her of the villains from cartoons. The black stone stood before her again, except this time it moved, it shifted and began to change shape. A hand suddenly burst out of the hard rock and grabbed a hold of Madison’s right wrist. She screamed and tried to break free of the hold, but it was too tight. Looking down at the hand, she shuddered realizing it wasn’t a normal hand that came out of the stone. It was massive taking up almost all of her forearm, thin and boney with nails that were long and sharp that resembled the claws of a bear or wild cat. Her eyes followed the arm up to what used to be the stone, but now was something else, a creature more terrifying then she could ever imagine.

She felt the blood drain away from her face and her body grow numb, her knees shook and her legs became jelly. The creature she stared at was tall and bone thin, with a male chest and was naked from the waist up. It’s face was a mass collection of different animals. The eyes were large and wide like an owls, the nose was that of an eagles beak, and there were teeth, long and sharp. How could the teeth fit in the beak? Madison found herself questioning, but she quickly shoved that out of her mind, all she wanted to do was run, but her body was frozen in place.

Her mouth opened to let loose another scream of terror but there was no air, she found herself struggling for breath, one glimpse down and she saw the reason why. The other hand of the creature was wrapped around her waist, squeezing hard on her diaphragm and lungs, preventing any air form getting in. It was at that moment it talked to her, but she couldn’t understand what he was saying, but it’s laughter… it filled her with dread.

The creature began to pull at her body, closing the gap between them. It’s mouth seemed to smile, the teeth emerging from the beak, salvia dripping down. Fear gripped Madison, it was going to eat her she thought as she began to struggle against it’s hold but it only gripped down on her harder.

The closer it came, the weaker she felt. Her breathing was laboured she flet as if she the creature was going to break her in two. With the shreds of strength still left in her body, in her will she took her free hand and began to hit the creature’s body, the gut, anywhere that she could reach. I don’t want to die… she remembered thinking as her body began to grow limp. Suddenly her body lurched again, this time backwards, away from the monster in front of her. His hold on her lessoned but his eyes began to fill with red rage as he reached out at her again, her vision blurred as she became one with the darkness again.