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The Buried Wrench

As soon as the door closed and the anti-spy spell was activated Rickie turned onto Narx, his face grew red with anger. Taking a hold of Narx’s suite he pushed him down into the nearest chair.

“What in the seven depths of hell were you thinking?” he shouted. “I payed you to collect the mummy. A simple pick up. And not only did you come back empty handed you brought her with you! A half-breed!”

“Half Breed?” Narx asked, puzzled. “She’s a witch, and she works with the troll. If I’m going to get the mummy back I’m going to need her help.”

“Help? I hired you because of your ability to keep a low cover, to do what I order without drawing attention to yourself. And now you need help? From her? Do you even know what the hell she is?” Rickie turned to the window that overlooked the club floor below, his eyes fell upon Alia and he gave a spat to the corner. “That girl is not a witch you idiot! She is a spirit!”

“A spirit? From the Order?” Narx asked, a realization dawning on his face.

“I don’t know. It wouldn’t be the first time the Order of Dynast would place an agent in a shop like Maaliks.” Richie mused out loud. “I don’t trust her.” He said quickly, crossing the room to tower over Narx. “I want her out of the picture.”

Narx shifted in his seat, unable to hide from Richie’s outburst. He was confused and upset at being played at, by both parties. “What about the sarcophagus? A hord of Shadow Reapers appeared out of nowhere and took your precious mummy. Nobody was to know of this pickup, or that was at least what I was told.”

Rickies eyes burned deep into Narx, but this time he didn’t squirm or look away instead he stood and stared at his boss on level footing.

“Either you have a leak, or a mole.”

“Have you seen my staff? I’d be careful of what you say next, this is all your fault after all.” Richie said moving behind his desk towards the shelves on numerous potion bottles of all different shapes, sizes and colours. He picked out one, a small round glass vile that held a dark violet colour to it and set it on the oak desk. It was no bigger then the palm of his hand, Narx recognized the poison and it’s horrible effects it had on it’s victim.

“This a threat?”

“It’s an incentive. I want no witnesses.” Richie pushed the glass vile across the desk towards Narx who nodded his head to the order given him.

“What about the mummy?” He asked. “Any idea who could command a bunch of Shadow Reapers?”

“Quinn.” Rickie said. Narx sucked in a deep breath, not expecting to hear that name.

“So a half spirit would be beneficial to have around.” He grinned to Rickie who glowered back at him.

“Do not show your face to me again until you have Asep’s remains in your possession.” Rickie said in a dark tone. Narx body tensed as he nodded his head in confirmation, scooping up the poison before exiting the office.


“Whisky.” Alia said slumping into the barstool. The bartender stared at her with a glass over look before moving mechanically over to get her drink. He had a very common look, brown hair that was cut in the latest fashion, well built, handsome but at the same time plain. Nothing unique stood out.

“What’s it like working for your boss?” She asked, trying to start a conversation, and to hopefully set aside this growing uneasiness she was feeling. The bartender didn’t say a word, just set the shot glass down and filled it with the liquor neatly, without spilling a drop.

“Do you talk?”  Silence.

“Have any hobbies?”  Nothing.

“Am I annoying you?”  Alia let out a sigh. The bartender continued to whip down the bar or restock the alcohol, completely ignoring her pestering questions. He completely ignored her. Usually the half wolf would get annoyed, and start a fight, but she didn’t sense that it was intentional. A nearby waiter appeared at her left side with an empty tray. He looked identical to the bartender.

“Twins?” Alia attempted again, and again received no reply. “Well… this is weird.” She muttered to herself, turning her attention to the rest of the staff around the room. All the men looked the same… all the women looked the same.

“Yeah, something’s not right here.” Alia pulled her iPhone out and dialled the one person whom she could use to answer the questions burning in her brain. She waited as the phone rang on the other end.

“Alia! Where are you?” Came the reply of a young, high pitch voice of Kleio.

“Working.” Alia answered simply. “What about you?”

“At your place. Matt made me spaghetti and meat sauce, and homemade garlic bread. It’s delicious! You’re missing out.”

Alia swore in her head, every time Kleio showed up at her place and in front of Matt, she worried over their secret. Matt was innocent all of this, but still lived with a half spirit who attracted the wrong sort of attention. For now he just thought Kleio was a cousin, but she didn’t want to give him any room to doubt.

“How many times have I told you to stay away from Matt unless I’m there? He doesn’t know about the other side. I don’t want him getting too curious.” Alia said.

“Well, I thought you would be. I didn’t know Maalik had you working late. Is it about the mummy? Did the guy come for it yet?” Kleio asked, her voice growing more excited by the second. “Oh, and Matt’s gone off to his date, so he’s not really around right now.”

Alia sighed. “Listen Kleio, I need for you to do some digging. It’s about the mummy.”

“Really? I’ve already done a lot of research on Asep himself. Pretty ruthless if you ask me, I wouldn’t want to meet him when he was alive -“

“I need you to look up a guy called Richie.” Alia spoke over Kleio. “He owns a night club called ‘The Buried Wrench.’”

“The Buried what?” Kleio asked.

“You heard me.”

“This Rickie have a last name?”

“I haven’t heard it and none of the staff seem incline to talk.” Alia said. “I may be in some trouble here.” She continued to fill Kleio in the bits of information about the location and Narx.

“So you lost the mummy.” Kleio said, Alia heard the stifle of a laugh. “I hope Maalik doesn’t find out.”

“Technically this is all Narx’s fault, Maalik is in the clear.”

“So why are you still with him?”

“I’m asking myself the same question.” Alia said, tension in her voice. “But something is nagging at me and Asep’s remains could be dangerous.”

“Should I notify the Order?”

“Not yet. Just let me know if you find anything out that I can use.”

“Roger that.” Kleio said in a chipper tone. Alia turned her gaze to the staircase and saw Narx coming towards her.

“I’ve got to go.” Alia ended the call just in time to notice a dark, worried look on Narx’s face. A quick change from the overconfidence he had before. Richie must have said something to upset him.

“We’re leaving.” He said in a gruff voice as he walked past the bar. Alia slid off the stool and followed close behind him.

“So, I guess you have a suspect in mind.” Alia assumed as the two exited the nightclub. Night had completely engulfed the city, only the distant street lights, neon signs and car headlights pierced it.

“Every heard of a Sorceress named Quinn?”