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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
by J.K. Rowling

Okay, i’ll admit it, this is at least my fifth time reading this book. What can I say? There are only a few books that i find worthwhile to read a second, if not a third time around, the Harry Potter series…. every time I read it I am immediately reversed into my giddy school girl fandom craze. BUT to be fair, i have not read any of the books for over three years, so c’mon give me a break and let me enjoy the novels once more.

Like I just said, I don’t tend to reread books unless they are REALLY good. I think the only other time i’ve re read a book was “Indian Captive” by Lois Lenski, and maybe a couple of the Nancy Drew books… So for a book, even a young adult book like Harry Potter to give me that excited feeling every time I read it is rare and to me a good sign of a well written story.

I guess I should sum up the premise, for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past… 10 or so years? Harry Potter is an eleven year old boy who lives with his uncle, aunt and cousin who treat him like dirt. He finds out he is a wizard and is whisked away to the wizarding world to the school his parents had gone to. There he is introduced to the world of magic, and quidditch. With is friends Ron and Hermione by his side they uncover a plot to steal the philosopher’s stone and it comes down to them to find it before it falls into the wrong hands.

Hows that for a good sum up? lol. I won’t go too much in depth with the actual plot because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. I will say that even after the fifth time reading this book, i still love it. What’s more I actually forgot a few scenes in the book that were not in the movie so I actually surprised myself.

One of my favourite scenes or really line i forgot was when the three managed to get past Fluffy the three headed dog and down the trapdoor into devil’s snare. What was funny was the line Hermione used, they realize they need something warm, a fire to get the vines off Harry and Ron and she says to them “there is no wood”, to which Ron replies “YOU ARE A WITCH, AREN’T YOU?”

I wish they kept that in the movie. It was just an awesome scene to see that Hermione despite being the perfect know it all for a muggle born witch, in a panic goes back to her muggle way of thinking in that one split second!

There were more instances like that made me burst out loud laughing and giggle to myself. And to make things really amazing, just after I read this book the news of a new Harry Potter movie written by JK herself appears all over the internet! It was as if some higher power was telling me ahead of time to familiarize myself with the HP world. I will take this as a sign that this upcoming movie will be fantastic!

Reading HP and hearing about the upcoming movie “Fantastic Creatures and Where to Find Them”, my imagination is once again thrust into the magical world, eager to now explore what magic would be like outside of Britton. From the gossip online, the movie will be taking place in New York, in 1920’s. As much as I do love the HP books, to finally get a glimpse of the wider wizardry world has been a long time coming. Through message boards and comments I agree with many who are also curious to know what sort of magic is taught in Africa, or Asia and even in North America. The books have spread all over the world, it makes sense for those from different cultures to wonder what a magical system would be like.

As a writer myself i’ve come up with a few ideas for Magic schools in Canada, though I’m not that great of a Fan Fiction writer so leave these ideas to my dream world to explore and expand in my own time.

It’s been a week since i’ve finished Philosopher’s Stone and I am already almost done the Chamber of Secrets, and will most likely start Prisoner of Azkaban this week too. Needless to say i’ll be tucked away in my bedroom for the next few weeks.