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Betrayal and Confidante – Part 8

Narx smiled as he remained in the shadows above the chaos Alia created below. He had to admit, she sure knew how to fight, it was a shame that Rickie did not see the potential in her as he did. The girl certainly knew how to rile Quinn up, the look on her face when she fell from above was priceless and Narx regretted not taking a picture when he had the chance.  

He was just about to jump down and join the fight himself when Alia’s amulet broke. He didn’t see it shatter, though he heard it and felt some magic spill out then diffuse into the air around them. He glanced over to the raven haired girl, only to discover her appearance remarkably changed. Silver hair, wolf ears, yellow eyes and a new thirst for blood that he had never thought the girl possessed. A demon, pretending to be a shop girl. Clever. But not clever enough. Narx took this to be his chance, Quinn was focused on the demon girl, preparing to square off against her, turning her back on the sarcophagus. Those golem were different though and the necromancer had to time this perfectly to be able to make a clean getaway.

With a jump, he landed just below the balcony he was just one, still in the darkness he circled the scene playing out. It seemed Quinn was not the only one to turn her attention away from the mummy, her pets also seemed eager to focus all of their attention on the wolf girl, making it far too easy to reach the sarcophagus and mummy inside. With another smile, Narx placed his hand on the golden coffin and began to mutter the words of a spell that would carry him, and his treasure away from this spot.

“Going somewhere?” Quinn asked, her voice coming right behind Narx. Startled, his lost his pace in the spell and turned quickly to see the female necromancer just a few feet away. He then twisted his head back to the scene and saw that the figure whom he thought was Quinn was only an illusion, with one thrust of Alia’s blade, the image was gone leaving a very surprised look on the silver haired demon’s face before a golem scooped her up.

“Narx!” Alia shouted. “Some backup would be helpful!”

“Sorry, you’re use is up.” Narx shouted back. “As for you Quinn, you were too slow.” He gave he a wink and finished the spell.

Quinn, huffed what looked like puffs of smoke through her nose as she raised her hands towards Narx. “You will not leave this place in one piece!” She shouted, producing a ball of red and black lighting between the gap of her hands that continued to grow.

“Large spells take longer time.” Narx said, with a tsk. He gave a laugh as the dark spell of destruction Quinn produced launched it’s way towards him. For a moment, the room filled with bright red and golden light, that was then replaced by a dark one that made everyone and thing in the chamber blind for a full minute. When sight was restored, the sarcophagus and Narx had vanished.


“You killed him!” Alia shouted from the confined grip of the golem. “You witch!”

“Necromancer.” Quinn said with a deflated sigh. “Charlie, let her go.” Upon the command the golem released Alia who fell to the floor. 

“Wait, you’re letting me go?” Alia asked, puzzled, though she was extremely pissed off at Narx for abandoning her with Quinn. He had the mummy too and she doubted that Rickie was going to use the power within for any good.

“You’re Maalki’s shop girl, aren’t you?” Quinn asked, raising a hand and gesturing for Alia to follow.

“Ah, yeah, so?”

“You also worked for the Order for a period of time during the 1800’s and early 1900s?”

“What does that have to do with anything? You were going to unlock the sarcophagus, I should be the one asking questions.” Alia shouted, feeling that she had been left out of some sort of secret plan.

“Idiot child, I was replacing the locks!” Quinn shouted, her steal gaze locking Alia in place. “The spells placed on Asep only last for a hundred years. Every time the cycle comes around for a renewal, the Order appoints a necromancer to reseal the mummy and it’s magic.” 

“But Maalik said that Narx was the one who ordered the mummy. He said he also worked for the order.”

“He lied. God, does that amulet even hide your basic instincts?” Quinn sighed again and led Alia into an elevator that moved up to the first floor of the mansion above. “But you weren’t the first one he lied to. Snuck his way into the order, got on their good side, though the higher ups at least didn’t buy all of his brown-nosing. That’s why they came to me to reseal Asep’s remains, except Narx was one step ahead of them and had the mummy’s remains stolen so he could buy it off of Maalik.” 

“Maalik is not going to like this.” Alia said with a quick intake of breath. Not many could out-trick a troll.

“Narx works for this guy Rickie, he owns this nightclub…”

“The Buried Wrench. So I’ve heard.” Quinn finished Alia’s sentence. “Don’t worry, as soon as Narx preformed the transporter spell, the Order was hot on his trail. They already seem to know about the Buried Wrench, so it won’t take long for the mummy to return here and I can finish the ceremony.”

“Wait, but ho…. Keio.” Alia sighed, this time finishing her own thought. As if on cue, her cell began to ring.

“Alia! You there? Are you alright?” Kleio asked on the other end. “I heard there was a fight, is Quinn alright too?”

“We’re both fine.” Alia asked, feeling slightly embarrassed, she could feel Quinn’s eyes on her and quickly turned her back on the necromancer.

“Good. I’m to tell you that they arrested Narx and Rickie and that a team will be escorting Asep’s remains back to Quinn’s place. How exciting is all of this. I mean when you first asked me to research Rickie and the night club, well I had my doubts, but then I stumbled onto a lot of back door stuff, you know the really dark things that even Maalik doesn’t touch. Oh, I was going to call you, but well my feed sort of got intercepted. The Order picked me up and sort of forced me to hand over all that I’ve collected. When Narx did his spell…”

“Alright, that’s enough, you can tell me later.” Alia said, Kleio’s none stop talking was just adding insult to injury. Not only had she attacked a member of the Order, but she had helped a criminal get their hands on some dangerous black magic. Turning off the phone, Alia looked over to Quinn. “I’m in trouble, aren’t I?”

“I wouldn’t say that.” Quinn said with a small smile. The elevator stopped and the two got out and crossed the hallway towards the front door. “You were only defending yourself down there, and like I said earlier you weren’t the first to be lead astray by Narx’s words. Given how your cyber friend their helped us out, I think the Order would be fine with letting things slide this once.”

“Really?” Alia asked, surprised by this remark. “Can you really say that, you’re not an inquisitor are you?”

“I am a liaison.” Quinn said, opening the door. “But I would make yourself scarce quickly if I were you.”

The two shared a soft smile of understanding before Alia took off down the streets, taking the first ally she saw just in time as a dark cargo truck with the Order’s insignia passed her. Nobody stopped and nobody came after her and Alia knew by the look on Quinn’s face that she would keep this little adventure just between the two of them, that is until Quinn could make use of her.

The end.