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As the year comes to an end, it is time to look back on all that has been accomplished, still have yet to do and to contemplate the goals of the next year. I really don’t do a lot of this, maybe to myself in my head, but not out in public or all to read. I’ve never keep track of my goals or New Year’s resolutions, never made many in my life so the habit is not really there.

This January marks my 1 year anniversary on WordPress, and I have to say it has been a very impressive year. I starting this blog as a way to promote my writing, work on some of my novel ideas and writing experiments. I have been surprised by all the likes and followers that have chosen to follow me and have to say thank you to everyone out there reading this. It has really boosted my confidence in my writing ability.

Besides being an outlet for my writing, this past December marked my first completed story on my blog. The Secret Life of Alia Grey was my first post and just the other week I finally posted the last part of the story. It took a year, but finishing a story, no matter how long is always an accomplishment in my eyes. I hope to write some more sections of the story for Alia Grey, especially going back to her origin and writing her younger years. I actually wrote my NaNoWriMo Novel this year on Alia Grey, unfortunately i have contradicted much of what i’ve already written here on the site, but given it’s still all a work in progress i’m sure that is normal.

Other accomplishments this year include my first Queen size quilt that was created by my extended family for my one aunt. It has been pretty stressful at times, trying to deal with my aunts and cousins with this project but in the end everything and everyone pulled together and we were able to present my aunt with the finished quilt on December 8th. Needless to say she was speechless at receiving such a gift from all of us. I hope to keep up with my quilting projects, including working on a quilt my Grandmother had started years ago before she passed away.

I’m not sure if the next bit is an accomplishment or failure of 2013. The one goal i had given myself this year was to get published. I had two short stories that I was happy with and were ready, in my opinion to publish. Unfortunately I did not get either of them published, but this was my first year sending my work out to magazines. So far I have received at least 4 rejections. Enough to know that I still need to work on my craft, and put the two stories off and decided to work towards my second draft of one of my past NaNo novels. Rejections are a part of the writer’s life so I was never too upset at them, though wished I could have been given some review, or advice from the editors.

So, here comes 2014. A new year. A new hope to fulfill my dream of publishing my work. In the meantime I will be carrying on with the Abandoned on Earth series i’ve started on my blog, and perhaps a few other tibits of future novel ideas. Editing will be big this year, something I struggle with but hope to at least finish a second draft of my Paranormal Novel. By then I may be willing to hire a freelance editor to work with me and my manuscript.

Happy New Year to all!