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Well, here i am 9 days into the new year and already stumped. Resolutions lost, or altered, or in my case placed on hold.

At the beginning of the new year I told myself I was to get back into my second draft of my paranormal novel. It was the one piece of writing that I was impressed with the most on how the first draft came out, basically my only story that seemed to have potential at the moment. I have already re-written and edited my first act, (i’ve broken my novel into 5 acts), to the point where i am 90% happy with it, and I’m currently almost done reworking my second Act… where i’ve hit my snag.

Editing is not easy for me, I’ve written a few short stories where i’ve edited down heavily to fit the word length requirements for publications, but this is my first attempt at editing a novel length piece of work. I’m always second guessing myself, changing scenes, character names and events as I work to try and figure out a flow to the words, how to keep my readers entertained and intrigued.

I’ve now reached a scene, which i had taken out once before, but have now included it with a number of alterations. It’s also my first scene that has 7 characters, all of whom need to say something, argue and debate during this scene. Looking on it know it is beginning to become a far more important scene that i have originally thought.

My main character will open up for the first time and share some very personal experiences with a group of people she barely knew (since it relates to an evil spirit that is now chasing her), there is also the legend behind the spirit that needs to be told and explained, and finally there is the reveal of the evidence from the paranormal investigation to back up and prove both my character’s experience and the legend… to some degree.

A lot of talking, a lot of characters. And i’m a bit lost on how to get it all out on paper. In my head it’s like a movie, i’m not sure if that is what it’s like for everyone or just me? I see the group, and i see the camera passing from one face to another as they speak, or not speak lol. However, writing it out, i’m afraid it’s going to begin to sound pretty dull.

So… i’ve been avoiding it the past few days. Instead, i’ve focused on my role-play forums, creating a new character, finishing off threads with my friends and hanging out in chat rooms.

Yet… it hasn’t stopped me from thinking about it. And it’s been weighing on my mind. Hopefully some inspiration will hit, or I could shut off myself to all distractions and tackle this head on. Of course that’s easier said then done!