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I’m not sure if i’m the only one or not, but I love movie trailers. Seriously, before a movie start, i’m pumped just to see what the upcoming movies will be. It’s almost just as exciting as the movie i’m about to watch!

Well, since i bought my first iMac, i discovered Apple’s movie trailer page. Now I can watch upcoming movie trailers a good year in advance, and what’s even better, they include all sorts of foreign and independent films. Which is so awesome! I mean I like the Hollywood blockbuster, but there are some amazing movies out there from other places around the world we don’t normally hear of unless they are nominated at the Oscars. Then there are the other genre’s that don’t usually get the publicity, mostly the horror movies, which i’m starting to watch more of now that i’m on my own lol.

So tonight i spent the evening going through titles i’ve never heard of yet and watching their clips and making a list of what i want to see, or download in the future. Thought I’d share them with you, at least now you’ll get an idea my interests lol.

So i’ll start with Maleficent.

I’ve heard a few rumours about this movie for some time, but haven’t sat down and watched the trailer. Disney and I have had our ups and downs, though i will say that i have been impressed with their latest movies. After watching the trailer for Maleficent, i am intrigued. Of all the remakes and sequels that have been going on, Sleepy Beauty has been one that hasn’t been touch much since Disney’s first animated incantation years ago. (But of course I could be wrong). From the trailer I’m unclear if this is going to centre around Maleficent or of Sleepy Beauty herself. If it is the later, i’m impressed they are focusing the trailer’s attention on the villain instead of the heroine, though then again she’s asleep for most of the action sequences lol. It does have a dark cutting edge, and i hope it’s going to be as dark as the trailer suggests.


In Secret

Okay, fist because it’s a period film, second I saw Tom Felton’s name. Enough said I think? This movie looks breathtakingly beautiful, suspenseful and alluring. And, sadly won’t be playing in theaters in my neck of the woods. Based on the novel by Emile Zola, this movie surrounds a repressed young woman who is trapped in a loveless marriage in the early 1860’s. She falls for her husband’s childhood friend and starts an affair. Secrets pile up as she tries to find a better life for herself and her adulterer.



Ghost story? Sign me up, only if we can watch it at my place with the lights on :). I’m not sure were my interest in the paranormal originally came from. I remember watching a lot of the ghost hunter and other TV shows recounting people’s ghostly encounters and being curious about it all. From there I began to watch Paranormal State and TAPS, even working on my own paranormal novel. I’ve since watched Paranormal Activity and several other haunted movies over the years. This one seems to follow the same formula. A new kid moves to town and into the cursed house that nobody wants. He meets a mysterious girl who prompts him into having something like an EVP session with an old radio box that is designed to communicate with the dead. Like with any horror movie, the moment you start messing around with things like that, something’s going to happen. A door opens and this kid and his family becomes the centre of a haunted movie.


A Fantastic Fear of Everything

I really love Simon Pegg and his movies. This one looks to be just as fantastic as his others. Pegg plays a children’s author who sets the kids book aside to try and write a crime novel, a mystery about death and serial killers. He then finds himself facing his own dark demons while becoming afraid of everything around him. And there’s something to do with a stuffed hedgehod?


The Grand Budapest Hotel

I don’t know where to start with this… All star cast, comedy, it actually reminds me a little of the Pink Panther (which is a good thing). All I can say is that i will definitely make an effort to watch it on the big screen.


Guardians of the Galaxy

To round off my list for tonight, i have to include the Guardians of the Galaxy since the trailer has recently came out. I will admit shamefully I am unfamiliar with the comics or history of the Guardians of the Galaxy, but the trailer looks amazing and i really am excited to see it this summer!


Are there any upcoming movies you’re looking forward to?