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Camp NaNo

With March Break coming to an end, Camp NaNoWriMo is just around the corner.

I’ve signed up this month to participate in April’s Camp NaNo session. This would be my third camp experience. I’m looking forward to it, I’ve got my story, a semi plot to at least get my started. This year, cabins are extra large (11 people to chat with!). I’m sure there are other updates, but i probably won’t know about them until Camp starts.

I thought I’d take this time to go through my upcoming story for Camp, and my future plot ideas for future stories I have in mind. I always find, writing or talking to someone about my ideas really help form a better picture of what I want to capture. It also helps  work out the kinks and plot holes I come across. It also means my Abandoned on Earth saga will be placed on hold, which already has as i’m working on my plot and characters for nano.

This year for Camp, i’m doing a Harry Potter Fan-fiction. Yup, i’ve finally taken the plunge into this genre. I have never written fan fiction before, at least not in this sense. I have been a part of online rpgs and sims dealing with a fandom (mostly sic-fi with Star Wars and Star Trek), though to create an actual 50k story around someone else’s creation is new to me and I’m a bit worried, but this idea had been in my head for the past six months ever since i began to re-read the Harry Potter books. Even before i’ve had an inking of doing something along the Harry Potter lines, but never had a solid plot or character in mind. Now it seems I’ve found my story.

To start with, I knew I wanted to do something with a modern twist. As much as i love JK’s world, there’s a part of me that felt that the muggle’s technology was and has become more significant. I mean since the books came out social media has taken off to the point where I don’t see many 11 year olds overly enthusiastic about the idea of having to spend a year in a school that didn’t have internet. So, from that thought I wanted to set up that friction of having a character who was used to the technology and saw Hogwarts as ‘backwards’. Then, of course, me being me, I had to add something from anime. Japan came into the equation, and before I knew I had created my own Wizardry School in Japan that has their own set of rules, regulations which are more open to muggle tech. (Okay i admit Oran Host Club was a huge influence when I made this school, as well with any and all anime that included shrine maidens/priestess/monks etc. lol).

So I found my character; Alexis Rune, i have her background, and personality down. Now to throw in what every Harry Potter story has, Hogwarts. Seriously I couldn’t think of a HP fan fiction without it. Even though Rowling has given me all that I need to set up a story in her halls, I had to get my years right. Alexis would be in the same class as Harry’s daughter Lily, which meant i had to do some math. The story takes place in 2022 now, (their 4th year), and that meant i had to redo the Professor list. I wasn’t expecting that, and I’m surprised how much time it took for me to figure out who would still be there, who wouldn’t and names to fill in the blanks. But slowly things fell into place. I’ve also managed to created an uncle who has a pet crow who does his mail deliveries, who is also a wizard who’s ‘anti-wizard’ if that makes sense and a family secrete that Alexis is trying to solve. (… i still don’t know what the secret is).

For a fan fiction, it certainly seems that i’ve had to do a lot of original creating. I do hope, if my story comes out well to post it on my site in full. It’ll be nice to get some feedback on my ideas.

November NaNo

In other novel ideas circling around my head, is the plot I have in store for November’s NaNo. I’m going back to science fiction for this year, keeping to the High-School Drama theme i seem to be focused on lately I’m adding my second favourite style of anime…mecha’s. Yup, there’s something about giant killer man-controlled robots that get’s me. (and i have yet to see pacific rim). Of course high school students piloting giant robots is still a stretch for my mind so had to scale it back. Now they are piloting armoured suits more similar to Iron Man.

In my imagination the two, High School Drama meets Iron Man Mecha’s seemed to go hand in hand, or at least seems like something that would be action packed. How i’m going to be able to portray that into a written format will be… interesting an a challenge. I’m unsure how to add the drama though, this camp is going to be my training grounds I think on how to write teenager angst. But still, this world will be similar to Firefly, (no aliens), space ships, stations and multiple words that humans have colonized. There has been a war, and they stand on a cusp of a new one. I’ve seriously spent most of my time working on the history and setting of my plants/worlds than the actual characters who will be interacting with it.

There isn’t much else to go with this idea yet, partly because there are too many possible routes I can take that I have yet to find one that I want to follow.


That’s about all that’s on my brain at the moment. My Abandoned on Earth saga i’ve been working on here is on a slower path, but i’m happy to report that i’ve finally managed to create a plot outline to help it reach an ending. For a saga that started with an experimental first chapter, i’m impressed on how it’s evolved, even though i’m only going on 10 chapters. I hope to get a couple of more chapters of that completed before April. Who knows, if I’m unable to get a firm grip on my idea for November, this Abandoned on Earth may become my next NaNo project. At least that way i’ll have a better chance of finishing it this year 😉

What is going on in your head lately? Plagued by unfinished stories too?
Good luck to you and all of your ideas!