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Well, it’s day 9 of CampNaNo, and i’m comfortably around the 15k mark, plus some extra.

To put an extra spring in my step, we are finally getting some warm weather up here in Canada, at least in Southern Ontario where I live. Lately, with all this warm weather, and seeing all this snow finally melt away, I’m feeling a little happy, joyful even. It’s not that i’m typically a grumpy, moody person, it’s just this past week or so i’ve felt giddy. First time i’ve felt like that randomly since before the snow came I think. I really think its’ due to the longer daylight hours, getting up with the sun instead of before it can really change the outlook on your day.

Spring has finally arrived!!!

Anyways, as you will noticed, finally found a new image for my blog header, as i made mention to in my last post. I actually purchased this image off of a Stock Photo site called Dreamstime. It’s pretty awesome, and now that i’ve made an account, I may go back and start working on book covers for some of my shorts stories to put up on Kindle or Kobo. (Still haven’t decided which yet). Before I leave you, I thought i’d post a chunk of one of my chapters from NaNo. It’s rough, but its actually one of the few that came out well to me.

Let me know your thoughts! As this is my first time writing a Harry Potter Fanfic, there’s a bunch of terms i’m still struggling with, so forgive me if i made some mistakes in that regard. Also, Avery’s nickname is Crow(e), you may notice i’ve still to figure out which name to use.


“Yeah, right.” Alexis mumbled. Crow made a few turns, went down some side streets that looked a bit shifty to Alexis’s eyes until the reached a large three-story brick building with the name ‘Winlex Solicitors’ above the door. Avery stepped right in, with Alexis just behind him.

The first floor was neat and tidy, hardwood floors, bookcases along the walls, as well as a number of photographs of past ‘Winlex’ and other associates of the firm. Some were sleeping, others were gathered in one or two other photographs while even others were empty.

There was a front counter, with a woman, in her mid twenties seated behind.

“Avery Rune, with Alexis Rune.”

The woman, glanced first at Avery, then rested her eyes on Alexis. “Mr. Winlex is waiting, you’re late. Second door to your right.”  Avery swept past the secretary and headed to the stairs.

“Thank you.” Alexis said, out of courtesy that had been ingrained in her being since she could remember to the secretary before hurrying to catch up to her uncle.

More photos lined the wall, several of those inside seemed to be hurrying back and forth from upstairs to down, and downstairs to up. On the second floor, they headed to the door they were directed too and stopped while Avery knocked. A muffled but loud answer came from within and they entered.

A man was seated at a long solid oak table, filled with papers, and folders, and what looked to be paper planes flaying of their own accord above him. As soon as the door opened, they flew out and scattered to the other doors and floors of the building.

The man looked up from his half-moon glasses, he had dark-skinned, aged with wrinkles, his dark hair dark with grey all around the temples. He didn’t stand to greet them, instead Alexis thought he loathed this meeting. Two chairs were laid out before the desk and he motioned towards them, an unspoken command to sit. Already Alexis felt put out, disrespected and annoyed. One look at her uncle, said he was feeling the same thing. With the door closed behind them, the two moved to the table, Alexis the only one who took a seat. Crow it seemed preferred to lean against the window sill that had a remarkable vantage point over Diagon alley.

“So, you’re this mysterious Alexis Rune.” The aged man said, his eyes resting on her, sizing her up, evaluating her. Alexis shifted, feeling increasingly insecure with this man. “Silver eyes, just like your grandfather. A Rune trait, always can tell a Rune by their eyes they said, or used to say. You, my girl are the last one.”

“Pardon?” Alexis asked. If the man wasn’t going to use proper etiquette, than she would.

“The Rune lineage is all but gone. It’s a sad day when an old house dies off.”

“But… uncle…” Alexis’s voice fell silent by the look the lawyer gave her. Somehow it seemed that her uncle, who stood right behind her, who had the same last name, and eyes, was somehow not part of the conversation, or even of the family will.

“I’m sorry Mr. Winlex, I’m surprised by all of this. I didn’t even know my Grandfather Rune, I didn’t think he knew about me either.”

“Of course he didn’t know about you.” Everet Winlex said with a small chuckle. “I bet Baldric’s turning in his grave now that you’ve showed up. If he knew about you, and your power, I’m sure he would have tried to take custody of you years ago.”

Alexis heart was beating wildly, she had to grip the arm of her chair tight to prevent some adolescent burst of emotion explode out of her. Why would her grandfather take custody of her when her parents were still alive? Why did he talk as if this was all a surprise to him as well. And why wasn’t Crow talking?

“You see, Ms. Rune, your grandfather was part of a very proud and pure blood clan. Certain responsibilities lie with in the name. Unfortunately your father did not fit the criteria, and was thus stroked off the list. To imagine he, a squib, would produce the next heir to the Rune’s Legacy. It’s almost a cruel joke.”

Again Alexis gripped the arm of her chair tightly. He was insulting her father! The outrage was growing, the unprofessionalism of this man was unbelievable.

“Why am I here?” Alexis said, her voice held a bite to it, her tone sharp. Mr. Winlex cleared his voice, and proceeded to pull out a scroll of parchment.

“Right, back to business. The Rune Legacy is inherited through a spell, at least it’s artifacts and buildings are. Basically when the heir dies, the spell is activated and produces the name of the next, closest family member with enough magic to warrant the inheritance.”

“But what about Uncle Avery?” Alexis asked, she knew she was crossing some line, but given all that she had just listened to, she wanted to see the man squirm, if only for a second.

“Your uncle has been disowned, thus taken off of the spell locator. We had thought you’re father’s name would have been taken off as well. But it obviously wasn’t. I’m sure Baldric thought, him being a squib, nothing would come out of that line that would worthy him to take his name off. So, there you have it, Ms. Rune, you are now the heir to the Rune family fortune.”

Winlex pushed the parchment before her. Sure enough, her name could be clearly seen along the bottom of the page where it states who the inheritor is. Alexis had never heard of a will that was heavily protected by spells to avoid a squib or some other unworthy family member from getting it’s fortunes. It made her uncomfortable, technically she really shouldn’t be getting this, if her father had been disowned too, shouldn’t that affect her?

“What does the legacy include?” Alexis found herself asking instead.

“Oh, well, a fair bit of gold.” Winlex said with another chuckle and a wink. “Your grandfather was an amazing healer, and made a small fortune of his own, most of which he has donated back to St. Mungo’s and other charities he’s worked with over the years.”

Crow huffed behind Alexis’s shoulders, unimpressed by what the lawyer was saying. There was another silence were the two men in the room exchanged deadly glances.

“The remainder has been placed back into the family vault, which you now have access to.” Winlex continued, handing Alexis a heavy, metal key. “Like I said there are a number of ancient artifacts that are associated with the Rune family, some are kept in the vault, the others in the old Rune Mansion that your grandfather and many of your ancestors lived in. There used to be more land, the Runes were once landowners, Lords even. But, as times progressed, and muggles invaded many of our communities, the land was sold. The house though, they made sure to always keep it in the family. It would be a great place for you to find out more about your heritage.”

“Ah, yeah, thanks.” Alexis said.

“Now, here is the house key.” Winlex offered the second key, this one larger, with more of a flourish than the first. “If you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to come by. My family has served the Runes for generations as their legal advisors. It would be an honour to continue the tradition with you Ms. Rune.”

Alexis turned to Crow, looking for some sort of direction to go. She wasn’t here to make roots, or settle down, she didn’t want to deal with another house with more family things to go through, divide up and sell off. He just looked out the window, seemingly indifferent to what she decided to do.

“Mr. Winlex, do I have to accept all of this?”

“But girl, why wouldn’t you? You’ve spent all those years in the east, missing out on your own family’s history. You belong here Ms. Rune. Besides, everything is already set in the will. It’s a magical binding. The only way to remove your name off the list is to somehow disown yourself, or die.”

“There’s no other way?” Alexis asked, now feeling a little scared. It felt as if this parchment had signed her soul away without her permission.

“Now, don’t get so flustered my girl. You can always leave your own will if you do not wish to keep the house. The vault, that will be in your name until you die. Think of it as an education fund, or retirement fund. You don’t have to use it, but it’s there if you ever need it.

“Yes, you’re right.” Alexis said, forcing herself to smile. All she wanted to do was get out of the office and throw up somewhere. She stood, wanting to end this meeting quickly. This time, Mr. Winlex stood with her, offered his hand while she gave him a respectful bow. She didn’t even see the hand but turned quickly and retreated to the door. She flew down the steps, and rushed out the main door back into he street. Turning instantly onto Crow.

“What the hell was that!?” She shouted.

“Congratulations, you just inherited the hell house.” Crowe said. Alexis didn’t know if he was jealous or just in a bad mood.