I’m asking all the book lovers out there, the Fantasy ones in particular. I had been given a challenge, which has fallen through and I am now back on the search for what seems to be a rare book.

I’ve just started dating this guy, he’s really awesome and a lot of fun. Our birthdays were in March and when I asked what he wanted, he gave the title of this book. I then went on the hunt. Chapters has a used and rare book section to their website, I have had luck in the past with one other book that I’ve ordered off of it, so tried it again.

This time it was a failure. The book never arrived. Thankfully I’ve emailed Chapters and they refunded my amount I’ve spent on the book with an email stating that their used books are from individual sellers so they could not guarantee delivery. Upsetting, but since it’s already past the birthday, nothing much I can do about it now.

Except, i’m determined more now to find it than ever!

So the book, the elusive book is called “Dog Wizard”, by Barbara Hambly. It’s a third in a series. (My boyfriend just lent me the first two). I’ve checked a few of the local book stores, and used stores around me with no such luck. I’m posting this in a slim hope that someone might help lead me to a place where I can order it. I’m going to keep up my search, and I hope to report a success in the future!