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So, Camp NaNoWriMo is going well, really well, i’m exciting that i have barely broken the surface of the stories I want to tell and i’m already past the halfway mark. I haven’t even detailed my work so far, I seem to be a plot writer. I like to write my plot out first, then go back and add my descriptions, or character development on my second pass. Really, especially being NaNo, I feel that I need to get the story out first then flesh out everything else.

Except, suddenly i’m at the Sorting Ceremony at Hogwarts Castle, and realize I need a song. Yup, my first real roadblock on my camp journey. Luckily I just squabbled down a few filler lines of what my character is seeing instead of hearing, but i want to go back and actually do a song.

I do not do poetry. I admire those who are able to put words on a page that sound so beautifully when spoken, but I don’t seem to have that gift, making things rhyme or the pattern of the words aren’t in my bones. HOWEVER, this morning’s semi dream helped me out. Below, you will witness my first attempt poetry since grade 7.

Now, be gentle with me. I am all for criticism, if it’s constructed. And I would really like some advice if anybody has a better matching of words than I came up with.

Gather round and hear the story
Of the four founders greatest glory
To create a school hidden away
And teach the youngsters of the magical way.

Griffindor bravery echoes far across the land
of strength and courage in hand.
Ravenclaw’s mind was wise and bright
And she gathered those who had similar light

Slytherin felt pride the most, and with an unruly grin
Made his House strong with the urge to win.
Hufflepuff, full of kindness with arms open wide
Said she’d take the rest, no matter their side.

Now don’t be afraid as the time as come
For me to search you heart and see where you’re from
From there I will make my decision known
To which house you will now call home.

There you have it! lol, now time to work on some teenage wizard-style angst….