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So i’ve entered the final week of Camp NaNo with a word count of just over 42k. Pretty awesome considering i’ve yet to hit my climax, usually i’m going back and adding details and descriptions i’ve left out to fill out the last 10k to hit the 50k word goal. For a change, I feel that i’m now rushing my main plot in order to reach my climax before the end of the month, skipping over filler scenes and even descriptions. I’ve already felt that i’ve rushed the story along as I wanted to try and dive into a ‘new student’ perspective at Hogwarts, with taunting and bullying from all corners of the school. I managed a few small side stories but nothing really flushed out.

It made me wonder how exactly to I write, what do i tend to tackle first and where I need to spend more time with. It became pretty clear that most of my novels and stories are plot orientated, something always needs to happen to push my characters out of their comfort zone. That seems to be my style or theme as I write, I set my character up, given them a backstory and a setting then completely change it on them and see how they react. (or how I want them to react).

I also found that i’m a pretty linear thinker. Unlike other authors who seem to be able to jump from one scene to another, writing something in the middle then go back to the beginning or hop to the end, I have to follow my character from Point A all the way to Point B. Only after my first draft do I know what I can take out or need to add on to.

That said, description seems to be my own weak area, that and dialogue. I think the rush of NaNo can distract me away from fleshing out character descriptions and such. Then again, I try not to over write too much of what my characters look like, a basic outline of their hair colour, eye colour and skin colour is usually all I end up putting down while I let the readers fill in the other blanks. Clothing and apparel is another thing I seem to skip over a lot. lol.

So, what about all of you writers out there, do you have a particular method when writing, especially for NaNo?