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I did it! I have validated my novel and successfully finished CampNaNoWriMo for April 2014. My final word count: 54,888. An impressing word count for me as I have never written that much for a NaNo before. Like I said in my past blog posts, I’m typically the one struggling to add in extra descriptions the final days to push my word count to just hit the 50k mark.

Of course, as with past NaNo’s, i now have a first draft without knowing what I can really make of it. Given that this time i’ve written a Harry Potter Fan Fiction, publishing it is out of the question. However, there is enough originality to it that I still would like to post it somewhere (after i go back and do some editing and expanding). My blog is of course my first thought, but I’m unsure if a fan fiction would be accepted. I’ve never read fan fiction before so I don’t know the sites very well though a few friends have already gave me a small list of some of the popular ones. My other option is to create a new blog on wordpress and devote it only to my original character in this novel. Let’s face it, i like my Alexis Rune and would like to continue on in some way with her story. I don’t have any more plots for her yet, but a girl who can purify dark energies should find something to get into trouble with lol.

Any suggestions for this? Has anyone else done fan fiction and posted to a site? Advice to give a newbie?

With Camp NaNo done for April, I am now trying to figure out where my creative energies should go next. I’ve begun easing my way back into my rpg sites that i’ve taken a break from, and there is still my Abandoned on Earth saga i want to work on, (though this my be my next Camp NaNo project 😉 ).

What I would really like to do though is start my new quilt. Give writing a small break and work on another completely different project. I’ve already got most of my fabrics for this quilt too. It’s not just any quilt either, it’s going to be my own Doctor Who quilt!!! I’m so excited over it, and can’t wait to see it come together. I’m a bit nervous but my vision is big and given the past couple of quilts i’ve made I think i have enough confidence to do this. Who knows I may end up doing other themed quilts in the future…. a fantasy and science fiction one is on my mind.