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So i’ve written a few books, created a number of characters both for my novels and online sims and I’ve began to stand back and see what exactly I put into them. I know that many authors put part of themselves, or of other they know into their characters, either personality, or a particular trait that makes them stand out. And I will have to agree that I too have put much of my own personality into my characters, but as I look at them, I notice other similarities.

I seem to write strong, independent female characters. Many of my characters have this streak, this ability to take what bad stuff comes their way and keep on going. They can live on their own, survive on their own and really don’t need anyone to help them. I’m unsure where this comes from, though most of it must be from me. I’ve always been told that I was mature for my age, even as a child. My parents raised both my brother and I to be independent, though we’ve had our small set backs, we’ve managed to achieve much in our lives so far, without having to rely too much on other people. (Let’s face it, my parents still help us out from time to time, but that’s what parent’s do.)

My worry is, that my characters, though in different genre’s, may be too similar. Am i falling into some trap, will they all have the same voice just different backgrounds?

Besides what I do include in my character’s personality, there are thins I try not to include. For instance, I seem to avoid writing the ‘blond hair – blue eye’ heroine, only because I feel that typical appearance has been used so much. Typically my characters features have always come across as average, dark hair, brown or black or even auburn. Alia Grey, is the only character i’ve created who has silver hair, though she is also a wolf spirit with wolf ears and fangs.

My characters are typically loners or outsiders, again something that I myself have experience with. Part of me wouldn’t really know where to start with a main character who is popular and in the ‘in crowd’ to make her believable.

I am trying to break out of this mould though. I have a new character in mind for a new sci-fi series I hope to write for the following November NaNo. She will be the blond hair beauty this time, though i hope by giving her a unisex name and a tomboy streak I can still break some stereotypes. She will be my upity, high energy character too, excited and fierce, she is to be a warrior by the end of the novel. I’m a bit leery of writing her though, afraid my mind is deceiving me and once I get her out on paper, she won’t be whom I expected.

Does anyone else have these worries, or continuing traits that appear in your stories? How do you deal with them, or try to break them?