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So, i just finished watching the first season of Once Upon A Time. An amazing show that i’ve heard for so long but have been putting off watching. First because I don’t have cable, second because Netflix has so many other shows i’m trying to get through based upon suggestions from friends.

I won’t get tied up in a review of the first season, I believe there are enough of those around the web as is. What i found interesting while watching was the trend Fair Tales has going for them recently. Now I’m aware that twists on fairy tale stories and characters are an ongoing thing in the literature and comic book worlds, though I feel it has only been recently that Hollywood and TV have taken advantage and brought such tales back to the main stream.

I’m avoiding Disney here since, well, I feel they have used Fairy Tales as their main revenue since they begun and always will use a ‘Princess’ theme when possible.

What i’m referring to are the more adult, twisted versions that have been popping up. Alice in Wonderland (2010), Red Riding Hood (2011), and Snow White and the Huntsmen (2012), are three such movies in my opinion that seemed to have launched this new popular trend. The trend is conning with the upcoming movie Melificant, and rumours are that a new Peter Pan movie is in the works too. (It’s a bit funny, how now the Red Riding Hood tale is now linked to werewolves rather than a talking wolf, i’ve noticed several similarities with Once Upon A Time’s version and the movie from 2011.)

Don’t get me wrong, I have great admiration for those who are able to re-invent a fairy tale, and take them beyond what the original stories were. That takes a lot of creativity and I will say i’m a bit jealous that no such spark has entered my creative mind. However, I’m a bit worried that media is overdoing it, with Once Upon A Time on prime time TV, and similar movies hitting the big screen, are we as consumers going to fed up with new alternate Faire Tales? Part of me doubts it, after all these stories have been around for centuries and as with the Vampire and Werewolf genre, it may fade for a while but will never fully disappear from our minds. Eventually they will loop around and become main stream again.

Before I head off, I would like to share with you two further links dealing withe the fairy tale themes, but in very unique ways that I’ve enjoyed.

1. Namesake – A web comic that, like Once Upon A Time, has managed to merge all fairy tales, and other beloved children’s novels together into one story. This one focuses on the name of a person, and that if you share your name with that of a character from a story you then become that character, transport into the realm of your story to fulfill their destiny. There is more to it, and a much larger unraveling plot but it’s updated versions of the stories are fantastic and well done. So far we’ve only travelled to Oz and Wonderland, but I’m hoping to see more as the series goes on.

2. Ever After High – So… I kinda consider this Bratz meets Fairy Tales. The official site has links to all the mini-episodes of the flash-based children’s show. The main premise here is that the children from the heroes’ and heroines of the fairy tales are at high school and that they must sign their book, thus sealing their story and destiny to that of their parent’s story, thus reliving each fairy tale. Raven Queen (daughter of the Evil Queen), does not want to be evil and refuses to sign her book, creating the rebels in the high school, and allowing others to follow their own destiny. It’s a cute and touching story and I really enjoy the offspring of all your typical fairy tale characters and how they interact. My favourite is Maddie, daughter of the Mad Hatter. (Also take note: Red Riding Hood’s daughter is also a werewolf!)

I hope you enjoy those links and notice the same fads/trends that have been going on recently as I have.