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I’d thought I’d share with you some of my other hobbies besides writing today. I’ve always been a craft person, even as a child i remember sitting down with my grandmother or at school and enjoying making something out of what looked like nothing. One of my favourite crafts was painting walnuts like strawberries for christmas tree decorations. Yup, we’ve still got some of those!

Anyways, the past few years I’ve been trying my hand at quilting. I actually did my first quilt back when I was in college, or really shortly after I graduated. I think that quilt took me a few years to complete, a basic 9 patch, it was my first attempt at making a quilt. I learned a lot of lessons from that one quilt. It’s still in use though, it’s my ‘picnic’/get dirty quilt. LOL, basically there are too many mistakes in it to be worth anything so I don’t mind using it out and about.

After that I did some pillow cases and small things, but the beginning of last year my aunt came to me about trying to do a group quilting project for the entire family to get together on for one of my older aunts. It was a great idea and we began to look for patterns and fabric. It took a while for our two minds to negotiate but in the end things turned out quite well. We had several sewing days at my cousin’s house, where many of my cousins and extended family was able to get together, cut material and sew blocks. The real fun I think came with the quilting. We were able to use an antique frame that had been handed down – or more like taken – from my grandmother’s house. With the family gathered around it, I heard several stories from my aunts about the use of the frame and the ‘slaps’ they got from their grandmothers and aunts when they didn’t make good stitches.

With some pushing, hard work, and a number of frustrated nights, we did managed to finish the queen size quilt by December 2013, and present it to my aunt at our annual games night. It was an achievement that I’ll never forget, nor the look on my aunts face.

With that quilt project completed and behind me. I felt more comfortable to work ahead on a new one. I had originally thought of doing one for my parents. But that sort of fell through the cracks when I found an online site called Spoonflower  that printed and allowed you to create unique patterns. Once I discovered the Doctor Who fabrics… well I knew what I’d be working on next.

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The fabrics arrived and looked amazing, with my pattern set I began to work away. It’s been slow going though. With no one but myself as the keeper of the finished quilt, time management doesn’t seem to be important as I work every once in a while on the blocks. I am excited though, now with 8 finished blocks, i’m able to put four or so together to get a feel of how the patter will turn out. I’ve still got… 22 blocks left to go, so at the speed i’m heading i’ll be lucky to get everything put together on a quilting frame by christmas to start the quilting phase.

I do have on goal in mind though. I would really like to finish the quilt before next fall to place it in one of the Fair competitions that happens around my area. I’m not sure if it’ll be any good to win, but it’ll be nice to see it displayed and show my work to those who walk by.

But… just like with my novel writing, i’m not even finished with this quilt that I have ideas in mind for another… and another. The most important one, and one i keep shoving to the side is the quilt my grandmother started before passing away. The patter she was using is called “The Roman Stripe”, a scrap quilt made out of leftover material it is made up of 3 small rectangles sewn together in a square, each square, (when i finish them all) will be placed on a 90 degree angle next to each other to get the a maze feel. Because each block is pretty small, maybe 3″ or 4″, it requires over a thousand to complete.. i’m at 200. It’s a bit daunting, and I need to collect more scraps, but i hope that this will be another quilt that my extended family can get behind and quilt together once more.

In the meantime, I may continue to post my updates with my Doctor Who quilt as things progress. I’ll make sure to post a final picture once it’s all been completed. I hope you like what i’ve done so far with the material and those other quilters and crafters out there, check out that spoonflower site, it’s really amazing!