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Since 2011 I’ve began to take my writing more seriously. I entered NaNoWriMo for the first time, forcing myself to write a 50k novel, and finish it in one month. I’ve started writing novels a few years before, but have never managed to finish one. My first NaNo helped me to achieve that goal of finishing a novel. Now, the story wasn’t that great, but it opened up a new set of goals and confidence I lacked. I also began to tackle writing new characters through my online rpgs forums that I was a part of, learning what qualities worked, what ones didn’t and where I needed to focus to improve on.

For my next NaNo in 2012 I was ready, I had an outline, plot, characters and even an ending already planned out. It helped that it was a story I had started a while ago, NaNo allowed me to dive deeper and finish the story. It is also the first novel length story i’ve rewritten and attempted to self edit. I am now sitting with a solid 2nd draft.

Now what?

Now, I have sent the story out to a few of my online friends for beta reading. I had asked for some particular feedback, including story structure, character development and any plot holes/inconsistencies that I had overlooked. I haven’t heard back from any of them yet, which has lowered my confidence. If they are not compelled to finish my story, then there really things I need to fix. The issue is I’ve read this story over enough times that i’ve reached a point where I know my mind won’t see the issues. I need that third-party critique. I need to hear what others thought, I may not like it, but if they can spot the areas where my story grows weak, if things don’t make sense or if they don’t understand something, I need to know.

So, for the first time in my writing career I am considering hiring an editor.

Which has brought along a whole new line of questions and anxiety. Not only will I be sending my work to someone else to read, but this person is a professional and will know how to tear my work apart. lol. I’m actually used to this sort of method from working as a graphic designer at a paper. There have been many times when someone comes back and completely rehashes my ad. At least with an editor, the right one, the process won’t be so one sided and a negotiation can work between us.

So, i began a google search and sort of ended things there. Overwhelmed is putting things lightly. With just a list of names and genres they edit, it feels like finding an editor will be like finding a needle in a haystack. It doesn’t help that my novel is a paranormal/suspense adventure, and every time i type in paranormal, “romance” seems to automatically pop up next to it. (That’s not my story). Would they touch mine even though it’s not a ‘romance’? Are they even legit? Then there is the price. I know that it is their job, and it is only fair to place a price next to their services. I knew that when I started looking, but it still a bit frightening to put money down for the service.

I’ve began to search for other articles and blogs that talk about editors, how to find them and such. Not much help, though many seem to say to go with a recommendation. Which would be great if I knew any authors personally and feel comfortable asking them outright about an editor. lol.

As you can see there is still some hesitation on my part, fear that my writing is still not good enough for an editor to work on. I know that eventually i’ll have to bite the bullet and push myself forward towards the next level. When that does happen, i’m sure to learn a lot through that experience.