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Well, with the end of June around the corner, and the beginning of not just Summer but of the second edition of Camp NaNo, I thought i’d make a list of updates. My life is not that exciting, so the list may be short, but meh.

I’m just finishing watching ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ on netflix. I have some issues with it, but overall I did like the movie. I have always liked the Dr. Connor/Croc story arc and Gwen Stacey, so seeing them come to life in the movie was fun. What I didn’t like was how Gwen was quickly pushed to the side and her intelligence, which was at the beginning awesome, sort of got shifted to second place when she started kissing Peter. I mean the scene where Peter climbs through her window all torn up from his fight with croc, and all they can do is kiss? Please! I would be asking a thousand questions not wanting to make out! – But- whatever.

I have finished reading the third book Dog Wizard from Barbara Hambly and enjoyed it tremendously! I’m so glad my boyfriend lent me the books, and I really should get them back to him now. I have moved on and began reading “The Lost Hero” by Rick Riordan, the author of the Percy Jackson series. This book actually continues on in the same universe as Percy and Camp Half Blood, just from a set of new characters, with cameo’s from old. I haven’t read those books, but watched the movies and enjoyed them, so when i found this at a book sale I picked it up quickly. It’s actually quite fun and a relaxing read. I should read more YA….

If you haven’t noticed, i’ve added a new page to my menu bar above my header. I have two short stories on Amazon Kindle that can be purchased. This is a new experience for me, so i’m still learning the ropes, but I thought it was time to take the next step and at least start publishing short stories and see where that takes me. I am currently working on a third short that I hope to have done before the end of June, or at least a rough draft. My ultimate plan is to bundle the three short into a group package at a discounted price. Yet, my new short is taking on a life of its own, I may have to expand on it one day and make it a feature-length novel.

Besides that the July version of Camp NaNo is a breath away and I hope to finally finish my Abandoned on Earth story that I’ve started on my blog. I will try to keep up with posting chapters during the month as I do not like starting something and not finishing it. Since I started the story here, I am now compelled to finish it, no matter how many chapters it takes. (PS, anyone who knows how to link posts to one another give me a shout so that I can really try to connect the pages instead of just through the index).

Mmmm.. what else?

Been sort of going crazy on netflix this past week. Finished season 5 of Archer, and been working my way through Kill la Kill. Started up on Vampire Knight and realized there are more anime titles on netflix than I can keep track of. My cue is becoming long. I did watch Joss Weadon’s Much Ado About Nothing the other night though, haven’t seen that since it was in the theatre, and it was just as awesome as the first time!!! I should buy that one…

Other than that, i’m tempted to take my aunt up on her offer to see a play at the Stratford Festival, a good line up this year with a few titles that had grabbed my interested. We’ll see if that happens.

In the meantime, i’m happy that it’s summer and hope to get out of my musty basement and soak up the sun!