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Well, this weekend for Camp NaNoWriMo hasn’t done so well. It doesn’t help that I’ve been invited to a weekend concert with my boyfriend. I was able to bring my laptop, but getting a chance to sit down and actually write something before we head out of the day has been limited. I know that I’ll be scrambling when I get back to my underground domain to catch up with word count. (Thank God I took Monday off)

Besides that, the weekend has been awesome!

Saturday the bands were Collective Soul, Styx and Bryan Adams. (There were others but these were the main ones). I haven never been to an outdoor concert like this before, nor have I seen any of these bands/artists perform life. I was very amused an excited!

Styx by far was the best performance so far. They danced, they entertained, you just knew by their expressions they were really enjoying themselves and the vibe of the crowd.

Today’s line up consists of Kim Mitchel, Big Wreak, Slash, and Aerosmith. Yeah, that’s going to be a rocking Sunday evening!

Anyways, thought i’d throw up an updated of my weekend so far, and that I hope to post a few more chapters of Abandoned on Earth for Monday.

Have an awesome Sunday everyone!