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Sooo… Does anyone use pinterest?

I’m curious about starting up my own Pinterest board, there are times when i stumble across some awesome artwork that inspire me and my writing, they mostly include fantasy and science fiction backgrounds of urban landscapes or rural hills. It’s just enough of a visual stimulant to make my imagination wander through the piece.

From my own brief research on the site, it seems that it is pretty simple to use, collect photos to pin on your virtual board and such. It would be nice to start collecting these images and even start looking into the artists themselves. (Maybe I can get them to do a cover for me sometime … 😉 ).

I’ve always been a visual person, I have done some of my own photography over the years, including a number of conventions as well as landscapes and such. I don’t think my photos are really unique or ‘excellent’ but for an amateur and my own personal interests they do just fine lol.

Anyways, I thought I’d ask around here if anyone uses the site who could let me know if it is worth it, or if there is anything I should watch out for before I get carried away on there.