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Well, it’s the end of day 23, and I’m sitting at a word count of 25k, out of the 30k goal i had put in place. Not too shabby in my opinion, with registration starting on the 25th I should be able to finish Camp this weekend. That is if I can pump out the last few chapters of my novel.

I have noticed in the past several NaNo’s I’ve participated in, that come the last stretch of writing, usually within the last 10k to 5k of words I tend to get distracted, a lot. Right now i’ve got a Facebook app called “Jigsaw Friends” that has lured me back working on puzzles. Now part of me really enjoys jigsaw puzzles, even the digital ones are pretty cool and at times they do let my mind wander on my current writing problems and conflicts, but I know right now it’s just a distraction.

I’ve got about 3 scheduled chapters left to complete, which includes an epilogue. With 5k left to write, I’m a bit worried I may come up short. Again, something that always seems to happen. I’ve also be struggling on a few final scenes, how they should end and who should die when. It is this problem, along with some of the scenes i’ve written previously that I don’t like that i’ve hesitated on posting the chapters i’ve already finished.

It shouldn’t be a surprised that just about all of my work i post on my blog is a first draft. They are usually experimental scenes, or even series that helps me flush out my ideas for characters as well as hopefully receiving feedback from others to know if people are actually liking my writing and story. It gives me a good boost of confidence when someone hits the like button on one my chapters, it also says something if I post a chapter and don’t get a like. Obviously there needs to be some reworking with my Abandoned on Earth and the final version will look much different from what I’ve originally posted here. Which I hope will work in my favour if I ever decide to try to get it published or self publish it on my own.

Either case, i’m stuck with trying to finish my story and reworking/editing it before posting them up here.

Another thing that happens near the end of any NaNo for me is that my mind begins to wander to other projects I have on the go. I have my November NaNo novel to plan out, my re-write of my harry potter fan fiction to see too and begin posting as well as trying to get reviews and critiques from my beta readers from my paranormal novel I sent out back in March. (I doubt i’m going to hear back from anyone 😦 )

See… distractions. Even this, here, me writing a blog post is a distraction away from what I should be working on. Then again it’s late and i’m wasting a few minutes before going to bed lol.

Do any of you get distracted near the ending of such projects?