Planetary Defence Commander takes a look at book blurbs and offers up a critic and helpful advice.

Planetary Defense Command

Natalie McKay has volunteered her short stories for the first posts in my new series, the Blurb Doctor. In these posts, I’ll take apart a book or short story’s marketing blurb, and rebuild it … better … stronger … faster. [For the younger crowd, that’s a Six Million Dollar Man reference. Hmmm, inflation is making that guy seem less and less impressive every year.]

Once I’ve built a new blurb, it’s your turn to go to the comments section and let me know if I’ve succeeded, or show me up with an even better blurb.

Our first story is Red Haven, here is the current blurb:

Kye’s life may not be perfect, but life on board of a space station inhabited by the low lives of the galaxy, he couldn’t complain. Red Haven had become his shelter and home in a galaxy where he was constantly on the run…

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