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Well, not sure if you noticed, but i’ve been revving up my posting on my blog these past couple of days. I managed to completely my Camp NaNo novel as well as reach my desired word count of 30k. Meaning, there really is no excuse for me to finish posting the chapters on my blog. Well there is one, I do like to read over my chapter draft a second time before uploading. It’s still not perfect, and I know that i’ve started side plots early in the story, only to have forgotten or dropped them off. That is what you get when you write on the edge of your seat without a plan or outline. Live and learn.

Once I manage to finish posting my Abandoned on Earth story, i’ll be opening the floor to feedback. Actually nothing is stopping anyone from replying with feedback now. Still, as a very rough stage of the book, i like to hear from others, it’s like some form of validation that my story is interesting and worth improving upon. I still don’t like the title, and would love it anyone can think of something more appropriate.

HP Fan Fiction: Once that is completed, I believe i will finally get a move on with my Harry Potter fan fiction. Right now the plan is to start posting that story this fall. I’m sure come September I’ll be busy enough preparing for NaNoWriMo, so i’ll try to get as much done for that ahead of time to allow me to do some world building and character sheets for that new project.

Doctor Who Quilt: Well, i’m up to 23 blocks out of 30 completed! I will have to order some extra fabric though, but waiting until I use up all that i have known for sure how much to order. I also have a couple of christmas crafts/quilting projects I want to start-up as well. One being a new christmas stocking in a Victorian boot shape. I have the pattern, and some fabric, but need to do some more research before I start that. (And yes I did say CHRISTMAS, blame work, at the newspaper we are already dealing with christmas deadlines and features… blah… i get so sick of it all by November I’d better start now while the cheery mood is upon me.)

NaNoWriMo: Well, i’ve stared a Pintrest account and a particular board for my November NaNo novel i’ve titled at the moment as Enion Wars. I thought i’d share it you all here, to give you a pick, and maybe a hint at what i’m planning at. Can we say robot suits of armour???