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Queens, New York – Warehouse Fight Ring

Rhel Valentine sat on a leather couch, up on the metal skywalk around the warehouse. He wore a dark suite with a green tie. Behind him was once an office room, now his mini headquarters for the fight. Wyess was back there, with his computers and servers, ready to make the fight go live on the internet for their other customers and the betting circle.

“We’re ready.” Wyess said, under a dark hooded jacket. Over the years trapped on Earth, Rhel had managed to secure a few camouflage bracelets that allowed other abandoned aliens to move through the humanoid traffic undetected. Not all were as human like in appearance as he was. They were rare, easily damaged without many available who knew the alien technology sound enough to make the required fixes. Wyess was one of the few who was able to make adjustments, but even he could repair one when it was completely broken.

For the fight, Rhel had given out the precious few he had to his workers, both bouncers and registered fighters. They were his ace in the hole, as with any casino, the house always makes a profit. And given the human competition, there didn’t seem to be many surprises that he couldn’t allot for. The only wild card in the deck was the Locklear Girl, or Rision as she called herself over Brutus’s headset. There was an odd familiarity over the name that made Rhel a little uncomfortable with her being here. Yet, it would make for an entertaining show.

With a nod to his tech assistant, Rhel gave the order to be transferred down to the refs in the ring. It was time to get the show started. The first fight was between a Rubian and a human, the Rubian was fighting for Rhel, and had on one of his camouflage bracelets, making the gremlin looking alien creature a scrawling kid with long limbs and shaggy blond hair. The human, some heavy-class boxer from the past, turned to Ultimate fighting and now had resorted to street fighting to earn some extra cash.

Rhel gave his fighters one rule: make it good. The Rubian did just that. At the sound of the bell, he jumped and danced around the heavy-weight for a good ten minutes, punching him in all the vital spots and dashing away before the boxer could land a single punch on him. The crowd below Rhel cheered and whined at the sight. Some began to call his Rubian fighter the ‘Rag Doll’, and shouted vicious comments to him as he dodged punch after punch. Eventually the boxer did managed to land a heavy hit on the camouflaged alien. The Rubian seemed to be knocked backwards with incredible speed, but just as he was about to hit the barbed wire, his hands shot out, grabbed the top wire and lifted him up, balancing along the edges, and avoiding the barbs. He gave his opponent an unnatural wide grin, filled with teeth that looked as if they were sharpened into a row of fangs.

“The camouflage bracelet must be damaged.” Weiess spoke up from behind Rhel, a touch of concern and panic in his words.

“Don’t worry about it, Edvire did it on purpose. He looks like some demonic creature now.” Rhel laughed. “The boxer is done.” Sure enough, that look undermined the boxer’s thoughts, a psychological warfare was now placed on his mind. When Edvire attacked next, it seemed his arms grew longer, wrapped themselves around the human’s neck and threw him head over heals towards the wire rope, and metal poles. Blood gushed out and sprayed much of the audience as the whistle was blown and the fight ended.

“Still… we are supposed to keep everything under wraps Valentine… Edvire is a loose cannon as he is.”

“But a good fighter. The crowd came for some fun and entertainment, like the gladiators from their ancient timeline. Blood, and the unusual is to be expected from my shows. Don’t worry… if anyone gets out of hand I’ll deal with them personally.” Rhel assured his comrade.

“That doesn’t help easy my worries.” Wyess hissed, taking a seat on the couch.

The next two fights went much more humane, as they were humans fighting humans. Rhel didn’t want to give away his secret too quickly, and made sure to spread out his winners through the mix. The fourth fight, that was the Locklear girl’s fight. Rhel moved to the edge of his seat as the young girl, in a school style uniform stepped onto the stage. Her opponent, a human, or at lest Rhel assumed so, was a man double the size of anyone he knew. He reminded Rhel of the sumo wrestlers from the East. Large stomach and massive arms, and fat filling in the same between. He looked like he could snap the girl like a toothpick.

“Ah, boss… shouldn’t you have arranged for a more reasonable opponent for her? She is the daughter of Locklear, if you want to get on his good side, it might be best if you don’t arrange for his daughter’s death.”

“Ah… don’t let appearances fool you Wyess.” Rhel said, rubbing his hands together. Show me what you’re made of girl.


Avis jumped on stage when she heard her name called, the first fight had shaken her to the bone. That scrawny teenager they had pointed out before, had creamed his opponent, Avis didn’t even know if that other guy was alive or dead. The officials and bouncers removed the body in a quick and orderly fashion, as if they were all used to this sort of finale of a fight. The group Avis arrived with found her after that and all looked a bit shaken up. Nobody expected to see what they did, and grew concern over her own fight as it approached.

Avis couldn’t stand those who talked a big game, like Victor who seemed to push everyone to come out tonight, only to get scared and want to go home. She told them just that, to leave if they wanted to, but she had made a commitment and was going to stay for her fight. They told her she was crazy, and Avis expected she was in a way, but that was her problem, not theirs. Fighting with them made it easier for them to decide to leave anyways. Nick was the only one who hesitated and she had to give him a final push with an insult to his manhood before he caught up with the others. She was on her own now, something Avis was used to and preferred in the long run.

For some reason Avis was thankful that nothing as grotesque as the first match happened in the following two. Each had their strong points, but there didn’t seem to be the unusual air of something unnatural going on. It was as if she were watching any other fist fights on TV, boxing, or otherwise. There were a few hit ups along the wire, causing scratches and blood to be loosed, but other than that, the fights were well tamed, which help Avis’s confidence when it was her turn.

The stage vibrated as her opponent entered the ring. Avis gulped when she saw the massive size of the guy she had to fight. His body looked to be pure fat, but if he was anything like those sumo, she knew there would be muscle hidden under all it all, ready to crush her or squeeze her like an orange. This had to be against some rule? Avis thought suddenly, realizing that the chances of her ending up like the first guy had risen tremendously. She looked to the ref who didn’t seem to bat an eyelash at the odd match up that had happened.

Oh god… they’re serious… they want me to fight this guy! 

The bell rang. The fight had started, Avis couldn’t back away now.

“Ha! What a pretty girl. Are you a cheerleader? Where is my opponent?” The Sumo-man called out. Laughter erupted from the crowd, they were laughing at her. Avis may not like her odds but she was not going to let this ape mock her and her strength.

“I’m your opponent fatso!” Avis said, rushing towards the guy, her elbow directed out towards the man’s stomach. She was trying to aim for his gut, or kidney, something vital that would end this fight soon, but upon contact to the man’s extended stomach, her elbow began to be absorbed by the fat sinking in further and further unable to even pull herself out. There was a ripple, the sumo flexed his abs and suddenly Avis was flown back across the stage. She skidded to a stop, inches from the barbed wire with cheers from the spectators.

“Did you call me FAT little girl?” The sumo shouted, anger rippled through his face. “Nobody calls me fat!” He bent over and charged towards Avis, like some rhino on a mission. His hands were stretched out on either side of him, and Avis had the distinct feeling he was about to slap her like a bug.  She waited, her eyes never leaving his face as he came closer and closer… just at the last second Avis jumped out of the sumo-man’s reach, flung herself high into the air, flipping her body around to keep the Sumo in her direct line of vision. Avis began to build up the energy within her body, focusing it down towards her right leg as gravity took over and pulled her back down to the ground. Aiming for the man’s neck, Avis’s leg swung towards the spot between the head and the shoulder-blade. With this much pressure and power, her goal was to forcibly knock him out.

Except, the man’s body fooled her again. Like the stomach, the neck was surround and protected by wads of fat cells, and like the stomach, it seemed to absorb her attack, dispersing it like waves on the water through the man’s body. He laughed, so did the crowd. The next thing Avis knew, his oversized hand was reaching back towards her. Avis reacted quickly, shooting her other leg into the neck, to pull herself free, pushing off away from the hand just before he managed to grab her. Avis knew, if he ever caught her, that would be the end of the fight, and possibly her life.

She landed on the ground, in a crouched position facing the sumo-man. Her little push-off seemed to have caused a second reaction, one she didn’t expect. The sumo-man seemed to have been knocked unbalanced. He was on the edge of the ring, and trying desperately not to fall off. This was her chance! Avis shot herself forwards, her arms stretched out as if she was about to do a double punch on her opponent’s lower back. But she already learned from her previous mistakes, instead she focused on her energy reserves and directed what she had left towards her hands, sending out two invisible wave-like pulses towards the sumo-man’s back just before her fists made contact with the skin. A small illusion on her part, so that the crowd doesn’t begin to question her own powers.

The sumo’s balanced wavered some more as he tried to turn around, his face now red with anger. Avis jumped upwards into the air, and with her right leg out, aimed for the sumo’s head, her foot landing directly on his right temple as he turned. In that compromised position it was easy for gravity to finish the job for her.

He screamed as the wire caught his bare skin, cutting him open as he fell. But it was not enough to stop him, and it gave way under his weight, the poles at the ends of the ring bent and gave way too as the overweight sumo hit the ground with a heavy thud. Blood squirted everywhere as bouncers and officials moved towards his side.

The crowed yelled, shouted and applauded at the end of the fight. Some were insults, finding the match unfair, while others gave Avis encouragement on an impressive fight. Avis didn’t really hear them all, they were just a blur to her as her heartbeat continued to pump in her eardrums. Just ahead of her, at the entrance to the warehouse, there was a racket as a group of new people forced their way in. As they walked under the strung up lights above them, Avis, from her vantage point saw their faces. Her heart beat faster, the one in front, the group’s leader was none other by the dog-faced, hairy alien who had broken into her home back in Glasgow. The one who had tried to kill her, who had blown up her home, that alien responsible was standing right there, not ten feet away, and Avis saw he recognized her too.