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Queens, New York – Warehouse

The dog-faced alien gave an order, the three around him spread out and began to tear the place apart. The Bouncer from outside limped forward, bleeding but still had enough strength and stamina to grab the one closest to him in the rear. Chaos quickly swept threw warehouse as the crowd went from panic to fear during the ransack. There was confusion all around Avis as people began to run towards the closest exit, some thinking it was a raid, others who have caught sight of the appearance of the newcomers began to scream ‘alien attack’.

What struck Avis as unusual, was when a small handful of the other competitor fighters got into confrontation with the aliens, including the shaggy, blond-haired kid with the extendable arms. So not only were the alien attackers tearing apart anything they could get their hands on, fights were breaking out on the floor, causing more distractions and obstacles for the other spectators to get around. Avis moved to the edge of the fight ring, with the intention of taking on the leader herself when he jumped into the ring, just behind her.

“We meet again Airgyd,” the alien spat at her. “This time I’m not taking no for an answer.” His overly large paw tightened into a fist and swung towards Avis’s head. He wasn’t going to knock her around this time, Avis was ready and ducked in the nick of time, taking the advantage when his arm passed over her head. Stepping towards the alien, Avis threw a right fist at his gut. The blow was enough to knock him back a few feet, but the desired effect to throw him across the room never happened. It didn’t take long for him to gain the upper hand, his moves were quick and filled with strength. His second punch missed Avis as she jumped out-of-the-way, but she saw the hole he left in her place.

“Where’s the Star Chart you little brat!” The alien shouted in frustration, stretching out his hand towards Avis. She dodged the grab, but missed the kick that came afterwards, connecting directly with her right side, sending her flying across the ring and into the barbed wire. She felt the barbs dig into her skin, but she stifled the pain her mind more preoccupied with the reference to this Star Chart. The same question he asked her when he invaded her house back in Glasglow, the night they set it on fire. Avis had no idea what he was referring to, but they seemed confident she had it, and determined to take it.

The alien reached out towards her throat, his size and reach made it difficult to attempt to get around him, and with the effects her physical hits had on him, she needed to up her game. She still had some energy left to use, focusing it into her hand, a blue coloured ball appeared and began to grow, pulsing and producing small silver electrical spikes around it.

“I told you before, I don’t know what you’re talking about ” Avis shouted back, “Even if I did, I still won’t give it to you… so go to hell!” she jumped into the air, her right arm stretched out, aimed at the alien’s head. “This is for my mother you bastard!” Her fist made contact with his head as the energy was released, causing a small explosion to happen between the two. The alien was flown back as Avis fell to the ground on her feet. Scratched up, bleeding and panting hard, she smiled at the fallen body. Except he didn’t stay down long. With a dark, deep throttled laughter, the dog-like alien returned to his feet, his fur along his left side had been burned away, bleeding and scared, but he didn’t seemed phased by that at all.

“Well, at least you’ve found your spark little Airgyd. But I’m not here to play games, you give us the star chart, we’ll leave you and this planet alone.” The Alien retorted.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Avis asked, a nervous flutter growing in the pit of her stomach. The alien’s ability to regain his position worried the teenager. That was her strongest attack, and it barely knocked the wind out of him… who was he?

“I said no more games.” The alien creature repeated with a regretful sigh. He reached behind him and pulled out a gun, triple the size of any Avis had seen on Earth. The handle itself appeared to be as wide as her waist. The dog-faced alien pointed his gun randomly out into the screaming crowd. He didn’t even look, just pressed his finger on the trigger.

It didn’t seem like a bullet that left the barrel, it was more like a miniature missile that exploded out in the middle of the spectators. Avis stood, frozen in her place, wide-eyed and in shock at what he had done. As the smoke cleared, she could make out fallen bodies, bloodied and ripped apart. Her stomach twisted and turned inside of her.

“So, give us the Start Chart, or do we have to kill some more of these pesky humans?” The alien said, moving his arm ten degrees over to a new location to fire. Still never once looking to see where he was aiming.

This was because of her, Avis realized, the carnage sinking in. They didn’t care how many they killed, just that she gave them what they wanted. She could stop this she realized a second later, but she dind’t have the star chart, didn’t eve know what it looked like.

“… 3… 2…-“

“This isn’t any way to make friends on this planet you know.” A new, and familiar voice entered the ring, Avis looked over and saw the man from Locklear Enterprises jump into the ring himself. He wore a dark suit, with a green tie that he began to loosen. The alien quickly directed his gun at the man, but he knocked the barrel of the gun downwards, the shot rang out, the floor trembled and shook violently. Avis was once more flown into the barbed wire from the shockwave of the blast. Looking back at the scene, she could see that half of the fighting ring had been destroyed, a good-sized crater stood in it’s place. The alien’s head was pointing upwards and she followed his gaze to find the mysterious man floating in the air… much like her own skill.

“Stay out of it this, or the next shot is aimed at your head.” The dog-faced alien shouted. “If you play nice, we’ll give you passage on our ship.”

“Ah… so now the invitation is laid out. Now that I can be of assistance, huh? A bit late, don’t you think? I mean you’ve just about ruined my little party tonight, not to mention killed several innocent bystanders. Something the police will not like to deal with.” The man said with a disappointing sigh as he landed on the ring, positioning himself between the alien and Avis. “Strange how the tide turns when you hold more pieces?” He smirked, and Avis looked down at his hand, a red glow appeared around it, along with a growing ball of energy with dark almost black electrical currents running around it. Avis could feel the pressure of his power, of the attack, and he seemed so calm and collective… he really wasn’t human. Without warning, he fired his energy from his hand towards the alien. Avis saw that the alien was trying to defend against it but it was too powerful and threw him out of the ring, across the length of the warehouse.

“There goes that deal. So much for a free ride home… but then again pirates are so unpredictable, they’d most likely apprehend me half way through in attempt to barter my off for more money.” The man sighed again and turned towards Avis. “We’re leaving.”

“What… what about him?” Avis asked, but the man ignored her, he grabbed her arm and pulled out free of the ring towards a dark corner of the warehouse. “Hey… let me go.” Avis struggled, but his grip never wavered. The closer to the walls they got, the louder the sirens she could hear. Avis looked around the warehouse, at the mess, blood and realized she didn’t want to be here when the police did arrive.

“Just like a Lykon, running away with their tail between their legs when their beat.” The man replied back with a quick glance to where the alien had been tossed. He didn’t seem to be coming back at them, and Avis hoped that the man was right, that he had fled with the his goons. “We’ve got questions kid, I’m sure you do too. I for one want answers before the night is over. So you’re coming with us… unless you think you can make it back home without one of the pirates spotting you or the police?” There was a sneer on his face, Avis thought about the options, which wasn’t good. She didn’t have enough strength to fly all the way back to Locklear Enterprises, not to mention those aliens would probably be looking for her in the skies. With the police on the ground, she didn’t like her odds.

The man gave another jerk on her arm as the exited the building and moved along a dark road until they met up with a group of others. The bouncer from the front was there, along with the blond-haired kid from the first fight. Avis’s gut protested going with them, they all looked like really powerful beings, and if the man who held her was an alien, then the others could very well be aliens too. She was surrounded by beings from other planets, and she didn’t know who were the good ones and who weren’t.

“Okay, wait…” Avis said,  “They won’t really destroy earth because of me, or this chart they’re after? Would they?”

“Who knows, I’ve got my tech guy figuring out how much fire power they actually have. Most pirate ships have enough to launch onto and stop a reasonable cruiser ship… but to destroy a planet, either by a weapon or invasion seems like a bluff in my books.” The man said, his answer seemed honest to Avis as she nodded her head to his plans of ‘talking’.

“Why the hell are you bringing her along boss? She’s their target.” One of the group asked as they approached.

“We shouldn’t have offered them that invitation…” Another said with a hiss.

“What invitation?” Brutus the bouncer asked. “Rhel, what the fuck is going on here? Who were they?”

“Later, we need to get back to headquarters and fast. Wyess, did you at least grab the cash?”

“Yes… though I’m sure we’ll have a list of complaints come morning.” The one with the hiss replied.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Rhel turned to face Avis, a dark, dangerous look on his face. “From here on out, everything you see is secret, if you spill to your father, we will kill you.”

Avis didn’t have time to respond, a lid to the water works was propped open and she was thrown in.