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Here ends another busy weekend. A good weekend, but I’m glad I had the afternoon to relax and catch up on some writing and TV.

It started with a Friday dinner with my boyfriend and his parents, celebrating his mother’s birthday. I’ve met his parents once before, so i’m still relatively new around them, but they are great people, warm and outgoing and very inclusive. We went to the Mandarin, a place i’ve never been to before. I was pretty much blown away by all the food available at the buffet… it’s a bit sad that I’m not much of a sea food person, but there was enough other stuff there to keep me going and I pretty much over ate…. then again who doesn’t at a buffet? The evening was followed by visiting the local Blues Festival, who had a tribute to Motown going on. It was a lot of fun, the music was great. By the time my boyfriend and I got back to his place, i was ready to crash.

Saturday, I took my dad to the Scottish Festival that happens in my neck of the woods every year. I’m pretty much a Daddy’s girl, so I have no problem hanging out with my dad and we had a great time. We managed to see a couple of interesting lectures, including one on the history of Scottish foods, and of what some Scottish Immigrants packed when they moved to the new world. Given that this lecture was set around the 1880’s, there was a personal pull to it as our ancestries would have crossed the Atlantic at around the same time. It was interesting to hear what they would have had to pack, the food for their own trip and other preparations in place.

An afternoon in the sun did me in as well. I didn’t get much sleep at my boyfriends, so come Saturday evening I was pretty much in bed early and slept in as late as I can.

Sunday has been my catch up day, laundry, posting, writing, and I was able to finally watch the newest episode of Sword Art Online Season 2! A great anime that I love! Been thinking about doing a post on it… show my anime geek side of me.

I’ve also started a new book this week, a book I picked up a few months ago, but for some reason became distracted and forgot about it. Thankfully I was only a chapter into it, so it wasn’t so bad to start over and continue on. The book is called “Haunt Me Still” by Jennifer Lee Carrell. It’s pretty interesting so far. I’m pretty sure it’s a murder mystery, though we haven’t got to the murder part yet.

I’m unsure how to describe it yet, except it talks about Shakspere’s Macbeth, a play is being performed and as the book flap indicates, it doesn’t take long for the curse of the play to rear its ugly head. There is a mystery dagger that has appeared, with celtic ruins, and a thirst for blood, a hint at magic, witchcraft and ritual sacrifice. Yup, it’s grabbed my attention! With the setting at the castle where the historical events original took place, add a fairy mountain and you’ve basically just combined all my favourite things in one book.

As you can see there’s a bit of a Scottish theme going on this weekend. All I need now is to pull out my bagpipes and try to get back into learning how to play them.

I hope you all had a good weekend too!