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New York/Area 51, Nevada

The tunnels were crawling with soldiers, Avis would have actually preferred the aliens. With them she didn’t feel the need to restrain her strength and power, but with these humans, she was forced to run and hide from the waves of gun fire that followed her. She turned down a tunnel and almost stumbled onto three more armed guards. Avis quickly spread herself against the side of the wall, finding a crevasse just wide enough for her to fit in and pray the shadows would cover her.

//Unit B, target is heading towards you, any visual?// The radio attached to one of the soldiers buzzed to life, filling the stillness around them.

“Unit B here, negative on the visual. She must have taken another turn.” One of the soldiers replied. “It’s like a maze down here.”

“Or, went above ground.” The other volunteered.

//Fitz and his team is staying back, we’ve been called to return to base.//

“What? If this kid is really what we think she is, she’s worth finding, and fast.” The first solider replied, his voice high in anger.

//We just got updated, Locklear and Valentine have just been arrested and are on their way to Nevada, we need to secure Locklear Enterprises and cover things up.// Came the reply over the frequency. Avis held her breath, the two soldiers passing almost inches away from her.

“Roger that.” The solider said, as the radio went silent. “We’ll have our time cleaning up those bodies.”

“They’re on their way to Nevada too, aren’t they?” The second solider ask, moving further down the tunnel, there was more talking but by then, Avis couldn’t make out what they were saying.

Nevada? Locklear and Valentine? Avis moved from her shadowed hiding place and crept along the edges of the water tunnel towards the nearest manhole. She should have known after that stunt her father would be taken in for questioning, though why take him all the way to the desert? As for Valentine, it didn’t make sense. He could blast those soldiers away like they were rag dolls, how did he get captured?

“God-damit.” Avis whispered, realizing in that one instant that Wyess had mentioned Nevada as well, that it was the location of her mother’s alien space ship. It wasn’t a coincidence, both her father and Rhel would be going to that same location. There was also one other famous site in Nevada that Avis was sure all Aliens on this planet knew. Area 51, the American Air Force Base surrounded by conspiracies. It was rumoured to hold all sorts of alien artifacts, ships, technology as well as some of the military top-secret projects.

It had to be there, Avis thought. She reached a ladder and climbed out of the damp tunnel. She surfaced in some back alley, full of dumpsters and garbage. Loud music was coming from one of the buildings. A night club or restaurant. Either case, it was deserted and she was able to escape without being noticed. Slipping into the evening crowd, Avis knew she had to get to Nevada, and fast. The sky was still too light to take off, and there were still sirens wailing in the distance and choppers crossing overhead. There weren’t any signs of the aliens, but she knew she couldn’t count on them to just give up. They’d be around, watching, just like the military and police. Another hour or so, it would be darker, giving Avis a better chance to slip up into the atmosphere. Until then she’d have to wait.

As night settled on the city of lights, Avis climbed the tallest tower she could find, a business building that wasn’t as high as Locklear’s Enterprises, but tall enough for her to jump off into the night sky and fly high into the approaching clouds, concealing herself from the spectators below. She’d wasted enough time waiting for this moment, with a burst of speed, Avis, the half-alien set her sights on the west, a fierce expression on her face. There had been so much destruction that day, and all because of her. Avis was determined not to let that happen again.


Anna Frazier watched from the back of the dark room at the screen displayed before her. Multiple shots of amateur video played on a loop, mixed in with news reports cover the attack on Locklear Enterprises, and the chase through much of Manhattan by the aliens and the mystery girl. It hadn’t taken the Air Force Intelligence office long to acquire the footage, such things happened once in a while that required them to manipulate the news and media away from the truth. However, with the new development of social media sites and cell phones, finding every bit of data on the fight and chase to cover it up had been proven more difficult. She still had teams searching the net with a fine tooth comb, and it had been over five hours since this entire mess started.

The identity of the mystery girl fighter though had been a surprise. Anna’s glare focused on the back of Malcolm Locklear’s head, his hands were cuffed to the metal table in front of him, a guard besides herself was stationed inside the windowless room as she watched him, watch his own daughter fly, and shoot bolts of lightning out of her hands at the pursuing aliens.

“Enough…” Malcolm said, turning his head away when the footage of Avis Locklear appeared again, falling from the penthouse suite of the building, only to land on both feet on the ground. Creating a small creator like indent on the asphalt and walking away as if nothing happened. The lights were flicked back on, but the tapes never stopped as Anna circled around to sit across the table from Locklear.

“I didn’t know you had a daughter.” She said stiffly. “We’ve gone through her records several times, no mention of her until a couple of months ago… when you took her on as your daughter.” Malcolm said nothing, his blue eyes downcast. “She was certainly a surprise I take it… not to mention having some unique talents. Where you ever aware of them?”

“What? No… never.. I… I don’t know how she did all that.” Malcolm responded, his head coming up to look at her, there was anger in him, no surprise there. But Anna sensed something else, doubt? Fear? No, it felt like defeat. Then again she did have him chained and in a way you could call this torture.

“You know if I haven’t seen the destruction with my own eyes I would have thought all of this some PR stunt for some upcoming movie. It certainly has the flare for one.” Anna said, leaning back on her chair, feeling the control she had over Malcolm at the moment. The Lieutenant Colonel gloated in the sensation. Finally after years of watching Locklear come to such success with their stolen database, she was able to watch him fall, and fall hard.

“Where is she?” Malcolm finally said, his eyes as hard as ice. “What have you done with her?”

“Nothing yet. She is still being tracked by my men. But rest assured we’ll get her eventually, like many of those other creatures. They may be from another planet, and use a different weapon base, but bullets seems to work rather well on them.”

“Don’t you dare!” Malcolm shouted. “You better not hurt her!”

“And who exactly is ‘her’?” Anna asked, leaning in over the table. “She is obviously not human. No human can defy gravity and shoot lighting out of their hands. Is she even your daughter?”

“I… she is.” Malcolm said, his voice wavered. “Her mother… It must have come from her.”

“And who was her mother? You’ve had so many sleeping partners in the past sixteen years. I’ll be surprised if you even remember her name.” Anna knew she was pushing Malcolm at this point. The look on his face was pure hatred, as he pulled his hands away and tried to stand up. But the chains kept him in one place as the guard pushed him back into the chair, giving him a good punch to his check. “The name of her mother, please.” Anna repeated.

“Nyria… Nyria Rision.” Malcolm said, spitting a glob of blood out from his mouth. “I’m sure you remember her. After all she was a part of the secret operation behind the ship. Red hair, green eyes… wicked in bed…” Another punch from the nearby guard silenced the scientist once again.

Anna’s eyes glazed over as the vague description of the woman triggered a memory. “God damit! You had sex with the owner of that ship!” She yelled at Malcolm.

“Must have.” He answered with a shrug of his shoulders, a sly smile on his lips. “Guess we made one hell of an offspring.” He gave a chuckle and the guard slammed his head against the table.

The woman had sneaked her way into the airbase to return to her ship. Anna remembered that, she remembered capturing her too, only to find the room a bloody mess when she came for the report. If the daughter was anything like the mother, they would have trouble on their hands soon. Anna only hoped she could use the girl’s father to some degree, after all she was the first human-alien hybrid. Doctors and scientists would be clamouring to get their hands on her DNA.

“Keep an eye on him.” Anna said to the guard as she left the room, she could hear Malcolm shouting at her then the sound of fist meeting flesh.