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Area 51, Nevada

There were a number of cells along this corridor, Anna Frazier moved to the one directly across from Locklear’s, where their second prison was chained up. There were two guards in this room, each taking turns pounding every square inch of Rhel Valentine with their fists. The door closed behind the Lieutenant Colonel, Rhel heard and lifted his head towards her, and smiled. His face was covered in welts, and dried blood, but still he smiled, he even laughed.

“Is that all you’ve got Frazier? I’ve seen women hit harder than these two and they were only half their size.” Rhel let out another laugh as another fist slammed into his face. Despite his appearance, his red eyes glowed through the strands of long black hair. They were far from breaking.

“I sent you to Locklear for a purpose, and to give you a chance of redemption.” Anna said with a straight face. “Anything to show for your efforts?”

“What? You mean this is all for show? Pretty realistic, don’t you think?” Rhel replied back, Anna sensed some bitterness behind his voice.

“Answer the question Valentine. What did you learn?”

“A whole lot, but that’s nothing from what I’ve learned about you.”

“Oh, and what’s that?” Anna asked, her eyebrow raised in a curious fashion.

“That ship you’re working on is closer to completion than you think. You lied to me about it being separate and kept apart. I bet I can get it to even fly for you right now.” Rhel said, spitting blood towards the Lieutenant Colonel. “Naw, you all are such idiotic monkeys. You never knew what you possessed, all your experiments are like little kids science projects. You pretend to know everything, but you’re just as clueless as the homeless person in the gutter.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Anna asked, her anger rising.

“Where’s the girl?” Rhel asked, his voice changed, it sounded like a low growl. He sat perfectly still, those red eyes seeming to burn their way through Anna’s body and into her soul. She shifted her body sideways and crossed her arms.

“What does the girl have to do with anything besides being some biological experiment?”  Anna said, and she heard Rhel’s laughter again, a dark rumbling laughter that sounded like an insane person.

“Idiotic monkey. You don’t even know what you have right in front of you.”

Before Anna could give the sign for the two soldiers to take the hacker around back and finish the job, her radio came to life.

//Lieutenant Colonel, there’s an Unidentified Flying Object coming towards the base.//

Anna picked up her radio with an annoying sigh. “Shoot it down, as ordered.”

//But ma’am, it’s a girl… a human girl… flying…// The radio went dead and static filled the room. Rhel’s gaze was still on her.

“Kill him, he’s of no further use.” Anna ordered. Before the two soldiers could carry out the order, the room rumbled and shook, the lights blinked then went out. In that split second of pure darkness, Anna Frazier heard the sound of metal grinding against metal, there was a spark from a gun which made her grab her own. The spark was barely enough light to show Anna what was going on, only that the two guards fell to the ground in a thud, one after another. She whipped her gun around to the sound of the last thud and was pushed violently against the wall from the opposite side. A weight pressed against her, he knocked the gun out of her hand, and a blade was pushed towards the jugular of her throat.

“How…” Anna asked. Those chains were iron, how did anyone break out of them?

“Told you… you don’t know what you have right in front of you.” Rhel’s voice whispered into Anna’s ear. The emergency lights finally came on, casting the room in a dark orange glow. Over Rhel’s shoulder, Anna could see the bodies of the two soldiers. One was shot in the neck, the other’s neck was twisted around one-hundred and eight degrees.

“That girl is a hybrid, yes. But I’m a full-blooded. Now ask yourself this, would you rather die in this futile attempt at fame, or would you like to take your knowledge that I gave you over these past ten years and start over once I leave and take that ship with me?”

“You’ll never get off this base alive.” Anna spat, her eyes just as serious as his.

“Impressive. You’re strong Lieutenant Colonel, just not as bright as you think you are.” Rhel said with a sigh.

“Kill me and this base goes on total lockdown. You’ll never get that thing out of the hanger.” Anna warned.

“That’s what you think.” Instead of feeling the knife burrowing into her neck, Anna felt a heavy arm hit her on the back of the neck, and fell to the ground in a state of unconsciousness.


With a strong kick, Rhel forced the door open, wiped away the blood from his eyes and tried to figure out which way he should go. It was years since he was last in this facility, and looking around, he doubted he was in this section of it. He only hoped that the hanger with Nyria’s ship was close enough to get to without attracting too much attention. He had to smile though, the girl was pretty good. He wondered if she even knew he was there, and that her blackout helped more than she could imagine.

The Airgryd took a few steps down the hall, when the door across from his opened, a face peered out into the dimly lit hallway. Rhel frozen, face swollen with a heavy sigh escaping his lips.

“Go back in the room and forget that you saw me.” Rhel warned. He turned around, clenched his right hand in a fist and filled it with the energy from his people, the red glow lit up the corridor with a menacing aura. But the solider didn’t listen, he lifted his hand gun and before he could squeeze the trigger, Rhel sent the energy wave towards his chest. The man was knocked back hard, rolled to the ground and didn’t move. “Told you.”

“Someone, get me out of here!” A voice cried from inside. Rhel back stepped and poked his head in. “Locklear?”

“Damn, not you.” Malcolm said, but his hands were still chained to the table. There was a screen set up in front of Malcolm, and once the backup generator had started, it seemed to replay the images of his daughter’s fight and flight back in New York. It was the oddest form of punishment Rhel had ever witnessed, as he walked over and with a single hand broke the cuffs off of Locklear’s wrist.

“Yeah, it’s me. Now you better get out of here fast.” Rhel said turning his back on the human.

“Fuck that! What happened? Where’s Frazier?”

“Taking nap.” Rhel said, moving back out into the hallway. Locklear was right on his heels and stopped to gasp as he saw the dead soldier in the hallway.

“What the hell!?”

“He’s dead.” Rhel said. “Damn it, there will be more soldiers soon once they don’t hear from their boss. Do you really want to be standing here gapping when that happens? Trust me, the’ll be shooting first and asking questions later.”

Down a the far end of the corridor where the elevators stood, one made a ding sound that echoed around them. Rhel’s eyes narrowed on the metal doors that were opening, he swore under his breath and charged both hands with the red glowing energy. A shadow moved, and that was all Rhel required as he sent off a shot from each hand, a narrow, arrow like energy flew across the hallway towards his intended target. Once the two shots hit the elevator, the red glow lit up the surrounding area, and the shadow figure came into view. There was a scream as a girl with dark hair, wearing a school uniform dropped to the ground just in the nick of time as his shots collided with the back of the elevator.

“Avis?” Rhel said in a surprised tone. He looked up and wondered how far down they were, she sure did find them quickly. He looked back at the elevator and realized Avis was powering her own counter attack, a blue-silver coloured aura filled the inside of the elevator.  “Hey, wait! Damn it kid, it’s just us!” Rhel shouted, but Avis had already released one of her ball shaped attacks. Pulling at Locklear’s shirt, he shoved him to the one side of the corridor as he pressed himself against the other. The energy strike flying past the two of them until it hit the wall on the other side.

“God-damit, she needs to control that thing.” Rhel said with a tired sigh.

“Avis!” Malcolm shouted beside him. Avis it seemed realized who they were and was now running towards them. Once in close range, Malcolm recognized his daughter and ran halfway to meet her. He pulled his estranged daughter into an embrace that was both uncomfortable and awkward for Rhel and from he look on her face, Avis too. Your safe! Did they capture you too?”

Letting the two catch up, Rhel skirtted around the pair and made his way towards the elevator, hoping it was still in working condition.

“Ah, no… I managed to get away.” Avis said.

“How did you know we were here?” Malcolm asked.

“I overheard some communication between a few of the soldiers in the water tunnels.” Avis replied, backing up as her father finally let her go.

“We’ve got to get out of here, it’s not safe for you. They think you’re a hybrid… that you’re some alien offspring.” Malcolm said, Rhel frowned at hearing the shattered words. By the sounds of it, Locklear was still in doubt on the identity of his own daughter.

“I am.” Avis stated in all seriousness. Rhel looked back, sensing the tension grow between father and daughter. Now would be a good time to flee.

“Guys, if you don’t mind. I prefer to keep my body bullet free.” Rhel shouted at them. From the elevator panel, he figured they were several floors below ground. He wondered what mysteries the Air Force Base concealed, but being this close to his goal, he was in no mood to find out. The two said nothing but entered the lift with him.

“Avis did you see any hangers on your way down here? Anything that looked like it could hold a space ship… it’ll be the size of one of those Airbuses.” Rhel asked, directing the conversation and everyone’s thoughts towards escape.

“There were a few of them, one on the far north side of the base looked like it could be big enough.” Avis said. “But it was dark… I’m not sure.”

“Good enough. We’ll start there.”

“We?” Malcolm interrupted. “No, Avis, we’re getting out of here.”

“That’s what we’re doing!” Avis said her voice rising. “I can’t stay on this planet anymore, especially after today.”

“Yes, you can. We can flee to some other country, I’ve got the money… and resources. We can get asylum, they won’t be able to touch you.”

“That is if they haven’t froze your assets.” Rhel pointed out.

“I’ve got money stashed away.” Malcolm said, his voice tensed and stern. “We can lay low and you can go back to pretending you don’t have any of these abilities. You can survive here, we just have to be careful.”

“Dad, no!” Avis said. You could cut the silence that followed with a knife. Both Malcolm and Avis had the same deep blue eyes, that now felt like ice-cold daggers. Rhel kept as flat to the wall as he could. “It’s not just the Air Force, but those aliens would just come back. They’re after this star chart, they know I have it and they seem to not care about hiding their identities. Look at what they did to your building! To New York!”

“So, you’re leaving?” Malcolm asked. The elevator stopped and Rhel was grateful to get out of the tight quarters with the family fight going on.

“Come with us.” Avis said.

“What? Seriously?” Rhel stopped, causing the teenager to bump into his back. “You’ve got to be kidding kid. I’m only taking you because you’ve got what I need.”

“Go with you where?” Malcolm asked. “The ship isn’t even ready… you think you can get some hunk of junk off this planet incomplete? What the hell did you tell her?” He directed that last question at Rhel.

“Me?” Rhel asked. “I told her the truth, more than what your or her mother have been doing.”

“He’s got a point.” Avis said, crossing her arms in front of her chest. “Wyess said the ship is in one piece, and ready to go. I’ve got the crystals and he said this…” Avis pulled out the USB, “is the brain of the ship.”

“Where is the lizard?” Rhel asked, realizing just then they were down a reasonably good mechanic and tech support.

“Ah… I’m sorry.” Avis said, darting her head away from Rhel’s eyes.

“He’s dead.” Rhel said with a disappointing sigh. He shrugged and move forward. At least he got the crystals needed to power the ship, and Avis seemed on the ball enough to help him pilot the thing. Not a complete loss. “So Locklear, you’re in or out?” Rhel began to open doors as they moved down the hallway. It was all a bit too quite for him. Wasn’t there some sort of siren that was supposed to go off? A lockdown like Anna threatened?

“I… I can’t leave. Avis this is your home, you’ve been raised here.” Malcolm reached out and pulled Avis’s arm towards him. “We are leaving.”

“Bingo.” Rhel said, a wide grin on his face. “Avis stock up.” They found a storage room full of weapons, ammunition and other supplies. Picking up a black bag he packed it full of everything he could get his hands on.

“No, not with you.” Avis pulled back, “Malcolm, I told you I can’t stay here and this is my only chance to see the planet mom was from. If you don’t understand it, just leave. I don’t need you, haven’t needed you my entire life.”

“Avis… I…” Malcolm hesitated, and Rhel could see this was starting to be drag out.

“Locklear there’s an exit around the corner. You should be able to get out through that. We’ll be causing a distraction in the northern hanger so you should be able to leave without anyone noticing. I’m sure you’ll be able to find Vegas by morning.” Rhel said, handing a second full bag to Avis. “C’mon kid this way.”

It took a few minutes but Rhel heard Avis catch up behind him, after a few corners they found an exit of the building. Disappointment in parents was a common lesson to learn, and there wasn’t anything Rhel could say to make it any better. “You’re with me, right?”

“Yeah.” Avis said.

“Good, because we’ve got an entire military base between us and the hanger. Be prepared to run. I’ll take them on, you just get to the hanger. Got that?”

“Got it.”

With a count of three, Rhel and Avis left the shelter of the building into a swarm of soldiers all with guns and waiting for their appearance.