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Area 51, Nevada

Bullets flew past Avis as she sped across the open road, her only focus was the hangar in the distant darkness of the base. Rhel had pulled out two semi-automatic guns from his bag of stolen goods and laid down a heavy cover for her as she ran. Soldiers dropped like flies as she passed them, as she reached a corner of another building and hid along the shadows of a pile of creates and oil drums. She scurried down the darkened alley between two buildings, and paused at the next opening. Jeeps and soldiers ran all over the base, their weapons drawn and fingers on the trigger. This wasn’t a game, Avis had to remind herself, she wasn’t immune to bullets like Superman, if they caught her they would kill her or worse. Avis knew about the rumours of experiments, torture and other conspiracies the military would do to any sort of alien creature. She would fit their requirements and wouldn’t live to see the sun again.

The thought brought her back round to her mother, to her dead body, and then to her father. Avis wondered if Malcolm had managed to sneak his way out. She was disappointed in him, she actually thought he would say yes to joining her and Rhel in space. Wasn’t that part of what he wanted? All that work towards furthering NASA Space Program and he turned down the once in a lifetime opportunity to see the galaxy behind this solar system. Maybe it was his money, his power and greed that left him closed-minded and afraid. What good would learning all those secrets if he couldn’t come back to earth and make a living on it. It frustrated Avis, filling her with an anger that she at first directed towards him, and then at herself for misjudging her father and his true intentions.

With a sigh, as she leaned against the metal siding, Avis realized she was better on her own. Perhaps that was why her mother never spoken to her about Malcolm Locklear being her father, his attitude and life choices didn’t coincide with her or how she raised Avis. There were still questions, but Avis knew they would never be answered and she accepted that.

“Avis, get your mind in the game.” Rhel shouted at her running from behind. He took out a grenade from under his jacket. “When this goes off, fly with all your strength and energy towards the hanger.” Avis nodded and held the bags tighter. She watched the alien-hacker throw the grenade towards the group of soldiers that were starting to arrive a head of them. The two ducked and counted to five before she heard the explosion, then on Rhel’s orders jumped into the air and flew.

She was only a few feet off the ground and saw the sprawled bodies of the soldiers in a pile of their own blood with a few missing limbs. She closed her eyes against the horrific sight and kept flying. Get to the hanger, get to the ship, she told herself over and over, pushing all her other thoughts to the back. They would only distract her now, and she couldn’t avoid that. Ahead of her, she saw the massive hangar approach out of the darkness, again she hoped it was the right one. More sirens filled the air as more security was required to deal with the two alien escapees. The roads around the hangers filled with traffic as Avis quickly fell to the ground and rolled into another dark corner of the base.

“Rhel?” Avis asked, realizing her partner in crime was nowhere to be found. Panicking, Avis poked her head out from around the hanger’s corner and saw a line of vehicles drive by, all heading towards the direction she came from. “Where are you?” Avis asked out loud. She was worried that something had happened to him, hesitant to move forward if he needed her help. She didn’t know what to do in that moment until she saw a pillar of bright red light burst upwards into the sky. She had never seen such a display of power before, it awed her while at the same time made her grin. That was enough of a sign for her to know Rhel was alright and on his way. Sneaking around the hanger’s perimeter, she began to look for a door.


Anna Frazier woke with a young medical student hovering over her face. With a shove and a grunt, she sat up and looked around the room. The two bodies of the guards still laid on the floor not five feet away, dead with blankets tossed over their lifeless bodies.

“God damn it. Where did he go?” She asked, getting to her feet, pushing the medic aside. “What’s the situation!?”

“Ma’am, he and Locklear have managed to escape the building.” One of the nearby soldiers replied.

“What the hell! Why hasn’t anyone captured them yet?” Anna shouted. There was a pause, as a look of worry and fear shot through their faces. “What is it?”

“He found the storage room, Rhel Valentine is currently holding off a garrison of our men in the north-east corner of the base.”

“Noth east?” Anna said, her eyes growing bright. “The ship. Fuck! I want all available men at the northern hanger. That ship is going nowhere, got me? What happened to Locklear and the girl?”

“Well… reports said that the girl is with Valentine, but we’ve lost track of Locklear.”

“Idiots.” Anna said, moving through the hallway. She knew where they would be going and that was good enough for now. She was going to make sure a bullet enters Valentine’s head before the night was over. No way she was going to lose that ship, her life long work to a teenager and hacker.


Avis managed to find an unlocked door a few feet down the far wall, and it was just in time. The moment she slipped in and locked the door behind her, she heard more vehicles approach the hanger. It seemed that the military had realized their plan and were trying to cut Valentine off. Part of Avis knew that they wouldn’t be able to contain Rhel for long, though she also knew that he wasn’t bulletproof. A sickening thought of having to fly the ship all on her own struck her at that moment and she wished that her father had changed his mind.

Turning around, she saw the secret ship that had the air base all a buzz at the moment. Avis’s mouth dropped, and her eyes grew wide with delight. The haul was of a bluish silver colour, there was an insignia of a crescent moon with lettering she could only assume was part of the Aigryd dialect. It was larger than any space shuttle earth had made, wider and thinner it reminded her of the a stealth plane with its sleek look, and gentle angled out wings. Avis kept to the wall as she walked around the alien vessel. The wings were drawn all the way back connecting two engines with the rest of the ship. The only confusion she noticed was that there weren’t any windows to be seen, not at the front of the ship with it’s rounded off nose or along the sides. How would they fly it if they couldn’t see where they were going?

The sound of footsteps caused the teenager to fall flat to the ground. There were about half a dozen workers in the hanger that Avis could count from her position, but nobody seemed to be working. Instead they had guns out, of all different sizes and were positioning themselves strategically around the ship. Avis swore in her head as she crawled along the floor, dragging the bags with her until she found a corner to stash them. She then peaked her head out and tried to find an entrance into the ship. It would be easier to lock herself inside the thing and wait for Rhel, but she didn’t know if the ship could handle bullets or not.

A solider walked by her, he was covered in grease and seemed to be more of a mechanic then a fighter by the way he twitched with the gun in his hand. Easy pickings, a voice in Avis’s mind whispered as she launched herself up and over towards the guard, grabbing his mouth with one hand to prevent him from screaming and alerting the others and with her other began to feel around his neck for the nerve pitch that would render him unconscious. Within minutes he was on the floor in a deep sleep. Avis dragged him back behind some crates and moved along to the next one. One by one the soldiers inside the hanger fell, Avis made sure not to injury them too much, and just knocked them out. They were after all mechanics or scientists, not real soldiers.

With the hanger cleared, Avis returned for the bags. That’s when she heard the knocking on the side door, which quickly turned into a pounding. The dark-haired teenager cursed again as she ran towards the ship, moving all around it until she saw the loading ramp open at it’s rear. Climbing on board, she set the two bags down and quickly opened them to find the crystals. Only problem now was where did they go?

The door burst open and Avis jumped at the racket it made when it bounced across the cement floor. She dug her hand into the other bag and found a hand gun. She had no idea if it was loaded or not, but she didn’t have time, a set of footsteps were approaching the rear ramp. She pointed the end of the gun at the open ramp, waiting for a solider to come into sight. The louder the footsteps became, the further back Avis moved, until she hit one of the sides and found what appeared to be a set of hydraulic lifts for the ramp itself.

“For fuck’s sake, what the hell have you been doing?” Rhel shouted, his body appearing at the bottom of the ramp, Avis relaxed her hold and moved back to the bags in the centre of the cargo hold. Rhel looked like he was limping, and there seemed to be blood stained on his shirt. Avis didn’t say anything, the look in Rhel’s eyes gave her a bad feeling. “Take the crystals and get to the core, it’s up that ladder and to the rear of it. There should be a cylinder pad like thing, the side panels come off and the crystals go in there.” He paused, and Avis saw him reach down in the weapons bag and draw out some more ammunition and guns.

“Where are you going?” Avis asked, a worried look crossing her face.

“Back out there. We need to open the hanger to get the ship out, idiot. Don’t worry about me, once the core powers up, take that drive and insert it into the cockpit. There should be an input that would fit it. You’re good with tech, you’ll figure it out.”

“Then what?”

“Then download it back in. It’s going to take time, hopefully you’ll have enough power to set up the shields. We’ll need them by then.” Rhel let out a harsh laugh. “Now go!” Avis jumped at his hard voice and climbed the ladder.