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Epilogue – Space

Avis crashed on the bed, it had been almost a week since they set off from earth. They had already passed the edges of earths solar system and were currently drifting through uncharted space. Rhel seemed to let the ship’s AI take over navigation and speed, now that they haven’t seen the pirate ship since the asteroid field, he seemed more at ease and relaxed. He instead seemed to lurk around the ship fiddling around with the core and crystals.

Avis had tried to corner him, to ask him what the ship meant when he was labeled as a Bounty Hunter. He kept dodging her questions, pushing her aside or give her some task in keeping the ship’s maintenance up. It was useless to get any information out of him. It was then that she realized she didn’t know anything about Rhel Valentine besides what her father had shown her and that was only from his time on earth. He had a lifetime of experiences before coming to earth. Now she was stuck with him on a ship for the next year!

Maybe this wasn’t a good idea… Avis thought miserably to herself as she let out a sigh. Rhel had at least given her mother’s old room, surprisingly it seemed the military had missed this room on it’s strip search, or had found nothing of value. Avis had discovered some leftover boxes packed in a closet continuing a few personal items of her mothers. There were clothing, pictures, make-up and even books, of course Avis couldn’t read any of the books, they were all in an alien language, most likely from Afgadu. Out of all the languages she learned on earth, her mother never seemed to find time to teach her theirs. It annoyed Avis, like her father, Nyria had kept secrets from her as well. Now Rhel was doing the same thing. It was like she was drawn to people who withheld the truth.

Avis glanced out the window at the unfamiliar stars. What was she going to do for the next year? The ship was large, but not that large. “How do people travel like this?” Avis complained with another boring sigh. Already she was getting antsy, at being cooped up in the ship. How could she last a year like this?

//Past passengers occupied themselves with hobbies.// Crescent Moon’s AI answered the question.

“I didn’t think you were listening.” Avis said, eyes wide, a little surprised at how intelligent the ship seemed to be.

//I’m always listening.//

“That’s creepy.” Avis said, with a grin. At least she’ll have some sort of company along the way. “What sort of hobbies?”

//Reading is a popular hobby, so is physical activities.//

“Yeah, need a sparing partner for that and I’m still mad at Rhel.” Avis relied back with a pout. “And all of the reading material is in a language I don’t understand.”

//I can teach you.//

“What, really?” Avis asked, sitting up on the bed, her head arched back to the ceiling. It was hard to figure out where to look when you spoke to an AI program that’s built into a ship and doesn’t give you a physical form to focus on.

//Affirmative. There are several educational programs in my database.//

“Why?” Avis asked in a curious tone.

//There were times in my past where I was required to teach young children during long trips, such as this.//

“Your memory… how long have you been around Crescent Moon?” Avis asked, leaning back down on the bed.

//I am currently 123.5 years of age, and many previous captains have nicknamed me CM.//

Avis let out a whistle. “Wow, you’re in pretty good condition for something that old… CM… I like it.”

//So do I.// The computer replied.

“Alright, let’s start with the first lesson on the Airgryd language.” Avis said with a smile as a screen appeared in front of her, displaying the foreign script.