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So, my good friend from College and I got together last week to see the premier of Doctor Who on the big screen. It was fantastic, but i’m not here to talk about Doctor Who… sorry. Instead, over supper we began talking about a convention my friend was going to, and how she was going to be on a panel at the convention. Pretty awesome!! She then invited me along.

So, I am now going to BlissDom Canada 2014.

I’m super excited, however, I really don’t know what i’m getting myself into. From their site it seems pretty straight forward, a Blogging & Social Media themed convention. A place to mingle, interact and network with fellow bloggers, and other media professionals. My first reason on attending is mainly is to support my friend, but to also try to get some tips on how to improve my own blog while connecting with some hopeful editors and/or publishers. There hasn’t been many details posted yet, so I’m not sure who exactly all will be going or what all the workshops will be like. It has made me a little worried and nervous too.

It’s not like i’ve never been to a convention before… it’s just all my past conventions have been… fandom conventions, FanExpo in Toronto, Comic Con in San Diego, and even a Star Wars Convention in Orlando. This is a different sort of convention, to me it’s a more serious one, business attire and the like. (Yet i’ve been told jeans and t-shirts would be acceptable).

What else already has me in a tissy, is the parties they are having in the evenings. Thursday’s part is a ‘Throwback Thursday’ theme… and I have absolutely nothing in my closet to fit… I don’t think. I don’t even know anything about what a Throwback Thursday even is… i feel so left out of the loop. If money was no object, i’d be finding some 1920s-50s dress… but i know there aren’t many of those sort of outfits available in my size… sigh. My boyfriend suggested I go as a Nintendo controller… which would be awesome and time-consuming to make lol.

So, I wanted to ask for any suggestions for this party? A character I should try to imitate? or any sort of clothing style that would be easy for me to obtain? I’m seriously drawing a blank on all of this lol.