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I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve last posted on my blog, and even longer since i’ve last logged on to wordpress. This week, though short due to the Labour Day holiday on Monday, had me preoccupied with several other issues occupying my life.

Work, as always, was part of it. The newspaper has to go out and without Monday, things can get crazy come Tuesday and deadline day.

My Facebook notifications have been going off like crazy ever since I signed up tit he BlissDom Canada Facebook page. It is filled with great people, and allows me the opportunity to connect and chat with other attendees before the convention in October, yet, logging onto email to see eleven status updates on the page site has been a bit of a drag for me. I know I should probably go in and turn off my email notifications in the settings menus. I’m sure i’ll end up doing that this weekend. That being said, I did manage to design and print out my business cards for the event. They look amazing and I got an even better deal since I was able to print them off at work.

I also had my worries with the Throwback Thursday party for the convention. I’ve never been to one and really didn’t know what to dress up as. I ended up chatting with my friend who invited me and I began to look at a lot of the 50’s style dress & skirt patters, thinking I could sew something quick up by the end of the month. I was actually really getting into that idea when I remembered that ThinkGeek had an R2D2 dress. I checked their site, and found an even better dress… a Dalek! Yeah, that ended my search and my desire for a 50’s outfit. I’m not sure if that would be considered ‘Throwback’ enough, but to me it works. I’ve purchased the dress and I hope it will arrive sometime next week. I’m a bit nervous on the size, though i’ve been told it’s very stretchy.

Then… I realized how much money i’ve spent in the past week and a half. I’ve still got other projects to work on, including ordering more fabric for my Doctor Who quilt, and making christmas stockings for this year. I believe I’ll be holding off on purchasing anything else for the following week, at least until my next paycheck.

On the creative side, I’ve started working on my Harry Potter fanfic again, editing and rewriting as I go. It’s really the slowest part of the entire process, it’s also the place where my inner critique comes out in full force. Having to go back and re-read your work is dangerous in my mind. You second guess yourself constantly, and re-write, re-write, re-write until you’ve almost got a brand new scene staring back at you.

*sigh* I’m sure I’ll get there and I still plan to start this for October.

With all these projects/events weighing on my mind, I still try to spend my weekends with my boyfriend. We don’t get much time during the week, we live in two separate cities, about a 40 min drive apart. His job is especially stressful at times and I try to come over on the weekends to help him relax and be there for him. He is currently preparing to travel to India in October for work. He is not overly enthused by it, but I do hope he tries to enjoy himself during that time.

In the meantime, my mind and muse for any other writing, especially on my role play sites have been pretty non-existent. Every time I click on the home page I feel a heavy burden of ‘ugh i’m so far behind and don’t wanna deal with it’ feeling. I’ve had this feeling before, usually it ends up with me disappearing for a few months before finding the energy to go back and tackle old threads. I’m unsure where my future is going with these online forums. As much as I love them, and know how supportive and fun they can be, I feel worn when I think about my other writing projects I could be spending time on instead. It’s difficult to think about quitting, but I may defiantly have to cut back on a few characters, and responsibilities if I’m to truly work harder on my writing and my end goal of publishing my novel.

That being said, i’m sure procrastination will eventually creep back up on me.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!