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As November approaches, I continue to work slowly on my world/characters for my upcoming NaNoWriMo novel. I thought I’d post a Character Sheet of my main protagonist, Blake Larkin. Enjoy!


Blake Larkin
Gender: Female
Age: 16 (Born 4056)
Hair colour: dirty-Blonde
Eye colour: Green
Height: 5 ft 6 in
Weight: 145 lbs

Short, neck to shoulder length hair, with a number of layers that spike outwards. Bangs are ear length and usually brushed over to one side. Average height with a toned body from working out at the gym. A little on the thin side due to the lack of nutrition before, may fill out more to a healthy weight after living on Genia.

Known Scars: (whatever she receives from chapter 1 battle)

Blake is always carrying around some sort of bruise or burn mark on her hands on arms given her tendency to play around with mechanical devices. Never that clean, a smudge of dirt or grease lurking behind her ear, as she is always late or busy to clean properly.

Blake is a very independent person, caring little of what other people think of her and the way she looks, which is never neat or tidy. She has a very active lifestyle and enjoy sports of all kinds, anything that can keep her moving. She finds it hard to sit still in school when a subject is uninteresting or boring to her. She would prefer playing with her bits of machinery or tech, or out on the track running around.

Despite her flighty attention span, she is very protective of her friends and her way of life that has gotten her into trouble for fighting with other students in the past. A contradiction against her father’s passive upbringing. It is a form of rebellion from the passing of her mother at the age of 10.

Free time for Blake is spent tinkering & fixing machines, mostly appliances from neighbours in her apartment building. Radiators, water heaters, compactors, as well as clocks, toys and her favourite project are the Einion Suites at Jax’s gym. Her ultimate dream/goal is to become a pilot of her own custom-made suit. Her idols are Kyla Myliad and Jess Wellis, two top female pilots of the Enion Games.

Blake’s home skills is barely passable, her father’s is even worse. Their apartments have never been fully cleaned, but livable and Blake learned at a young age how to keep herself from getting sick. Her cooking skills include anything that can be warmed up, laundry is touch and go but as long as the machines work she’s fine in that regard, though it’s getting to clean her clothes before they’re all dirty that’s the trick.

Favourite subjects: Gym, Tech & Mechanics, Literature,
Worse Subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Home Economics, History, Math

Blake was born July 12, 4056, or 1056 FTP, to Allister Larkin and Maya Larkin on the planet Oshion, a mid-rim planet aligned with Earth during the 100 year war. Her father was working at a pristine university teaching philosophy, her mother was working with the local military as a design engineer. It was a ‘dislike’ at first sight, but the two found some bond between their differences.

Blake’s earliest memory of her family was that of a loving one, with both parents engaging in healthy debates while her mother worked on some mechanical project at home. Blake loved to sit on her lap or on a chair and watch her work, wanting to help out in any way possible with her mother teaching her how to read blueprints and identifying tools.

Her mother died when she was 10, and all she remembered being told was that there was an accident at her work. Her father though was upset, distraught and edgy. There were a few days that neither of them left their place, her father on the phone talking to several different people, while always keeping her in sight and never letting her outside, only to the funeral. Soon after, the two packed and moved to Cavis.

It is during that move on the space ship that Blake built her first invention, a remake of an alarm clock out of old parts, most of which belonged to her mother’s workshop. To this day Blake keeps it close to her.

The move also opened up a dark spark inside of Blake, whenever someone teased her because of her now poor status, or the way her father was constantly being kicked out of his jobs she would start a fight. She would even start one against bullies who picked on others in her sight.

The fights at school transferred over to her home life with her father. Her father is a passive person, a non-violent believer who tried to correct Blake’s way of thinking and violence, but without any result. The two became distant, though each still depended on the other as they are the only family they had. It was a strained relationship, one where it was best not to ask or tell what the other was up to.


I’ve been searching for some pictures to help identify and ground me to Blake, her appearance and maybe a little of her personality. As i’m a huge Anime fan, it should be now wonder i’ve found a few anime pics to help depict her.