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I posted my Character Bio/Sheet for my main character Blake Larkin for my upcoming NaNoWriMo novel a couple of weeks ago. I thought i’d post my bio for her father, Alister Larkin next. I know that in this sci-fi novel I wanted to tackle some father-daughter moments, or at least the tension between parents and their children when they don’t seem to follow in the parent’s footprints. Of course, as I began to fill in the holes on Alister’s background I was surprised at some of the other possible side stories I could also include. There are still some holes, and perhaps some contradicting points, but part of me would like to keep them all in until I finish my first draft and know for sure which way he will ultimately become. (The stuff about Alister’s wife was new to me when I began to write it down, I hope to play it up more in the novel).


Alister Larkin
Gender: Male
Age: 48 (Born 4024)
Hair colour: Dark Brown
Eye colour: Green
Height: 6 ft 2 in
Weight: 178 lbs

Dark brown hair coming down over Alister’s eyes and ears, bushy and unruly most of the time it looks as if it has not been brushed or combed in weeks. Alister is tall, and thin, a bit lengthy and walks with a small hunch as if he has a weight on his back. His green eyes are dark and most of the time downcast and uninterested in many everyday events, even his daughter.

Passive, moody and withdrawn. Alister at times seems to float through his life, dwelling on the past, while trying his best to provide for his daughter. If he didn’t have Blake, he would most likely be living in a swear. His daughter gives him enough stamina and ambition to get him through the day at a teaching job at a low-level college. As a passive person, he rarely stands up for himself or others around him, some see this as a sign of cowardice, but to Alister it is just what they want, to feed and make people stand out. Survival is to blend in.

Alister was never always this way. In his youth he was a passionate philosopher, with new and some considered conspiracy theories to the war and how it started and continued to progress. Born during the 100 year war, Alister had seen much of the suffering and propaganda on both sides to realize the political standpoints at an early age. It made for radical thinking, especially in on an Earth aligned planet. Yet the war had it’s effects on him, and with the death of his wife, much of his passion left, and he became a shell of his former self.

Born on October 25, 4024, on the planet Oshion, Alister was infiltrated with war footage, propaganda and news stories from infancy. During his youth, he would watch several broadcasts around the galaxy, with a number of questions on why things were happening they way they were. His parents, a doctor and a scientists tried their best to answer them, but it was due to an elderly professor in his high school years that really helped Alister make sense of what he was seeing. He was introduced to philosophy and how war connects certain businesses, politics and other almost secretive organizations and behind the scene details that the public does not usually see. His intuition and resourcefulness intrigued the profession and helped land Alister on a scholar path.

Yet the war was still ongoing, and required bright minds to help further the development of the Enion suits, weapons and other destructive equipment. Alister, a bright and healthy young man was in-scripted against his will at the age of 18. For the next five years, Alister saw how the inside of a war worked, from soldiers, to intelligence to the politics and businesses backing them all. All the while, writing his thesis on the misguidedness of who the war started and those who he blamed and those who could now end it.

Many of his papers were regarded with both praise, respect, and hatred. It was his first taste of retribution from leaders and professors, and how he had stumbled upon a controversial subject. Thankfully in 4047, the war was officially over as a peace treaty between the two factions was created. Some claim that his papers helped the leaders come to an agreement, but nothing had been stated to that affect.

Now a scholar of philosophy and mathematics, Alister was offered several jobs and decent universities. Remaining on his home planet, Alister took a job at the highest university where he met Maya for the first time.

Maya was a student at the university, having exited a military school just as the war ended. Having to take several other courses besides her military and mechanical ones, philosophy was suggested to keep her grades relatively high. However, the two found faults with each others mind and debates grew between them both in class and out, both passionate about their believes.

During Maya’s five years of studies, she and Alister grew closer together, despite their differences. A love formed and a year after Maya’s graduation, they were still together and Alister proposed. The two remained on Oshion, where Maya worked at the military base, and Alister at the university. Blake was born three years later during the height of their success.

For the next ten years, Aliser noticed a concern drawing on his wife’s face. Being part of a top secret project on the military base had caused her to withdrawal much of her usual lively self. One night Maya finally confronted Alister about her project, and worried that it could start another war, as tensions were still high despite the period of peace and prosperity that was happening. Breaching many unethical rules, Maya and Alister planned on leaving Oshion with their daughter to a planet further away from Earth in one of the many deep quadrants for their safety. However, Maya was killed in a lab accident before they could finalize their plans.

Devastated, Alister doubted it was an accident at all. And kept much of his wife’s research hidden while the military tried several times to search their house and intimidate him on his wife’s classified information. He grew weary and worried over his own daughters safety as they began to watch her too. Frantic Alister moved Blake and himself as soon as he could to Cavis. Not as far as he liked, but a planet where he hoped to hide himself and Blake away until he could decide what to do with the information he had.

His attitude and passion for his job sank, money became an issue and he was unable to find the right person to communicate his concerns over the Earth Forces. Fear of being caught, fear of being found, Alister’s health seemed to deteriorate, along with his relationship with his daughter. It seemed his wife may have died for nothing until he was approached at work by an individual who knew more than he should.

With some new hope, and the chance to finally get away from the Earth Forces, Alister accepts the offer in exchange for the 16 year old information he still possessed.

Was it worth the trade?


It’s been difficult to find a suitable image for Alister in the current time the book will bet taking place, and being an Anime geek, I had to find an anime style image to best portray him. lol. I stumbled on one that looks that it could work for his younger years… okay make that two.