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I’m sure there are times in everyones lives when you constantly feel rushed, pressured, and stressed. This week is mine.

For starters, come Thursday i’m off to Mississauga for Blissdom Canada Conference. To me, it’s a last-minute conference i signed up for because of my friend. I’m excited, but extremely nervous still about it. There will be a lot of people, a lot of informative workshops and discussion panels for me to absorb. I’m sure my head will be swimming afterwards with new ideas, new friends and new social networks. It’s a heavy weight though, mostly due to the waiting that’s involved. There’s the packing, the checking off of lists to make sure i’ve got everything i’m brining, and the last minute shopping.

If that was all i had going on this week, i’m sure I would not be in the fix I am in now. But there’s more.

Since i’ll be driving down, i decided to finally get my car in to get serviced… i had the engine light on since my last service, some 4 months ago. I knew my breaks weren’t good either, but the bill I got back made me groan. Break pads and routers had to be replaced. And my engine light is a malfunction in the modular… which will need to be replaced next week. Talk about big bucks flying out the window.

And yet… there is more.

You see… I rent a basement apartment of a house. It’s nice, roomy, with good ceilings. Maybe a few noisy neighbours, but i’ve been here for over 5 years now I think. The bad part, I park under a walnut tree. This past week, I was cleaning the gunk that had fallen from the walnut tree off my windshield to notice a crack… and a chip near the top. This is the second time a walnut has cracked my car windshield in three years. Needless to say, i wasn’t impressed. I have talked to the landlady, but the tree is on the neighbours property so there is little that can be done unfortunately. I’m now parking at the foot of the driveway, near the road, but it’s still not quite out of the reach of the massive tree. I now have to head back into town tomorrow afternoon to have the windshield replaced.

One good note, i’ll be taking the Wednesday afternoon off work to get that done. Given that i’ve already have Thursday and Friday off for the convention, I hope it will give me enough time to settle down after spending all that money before going on my mini-road trip.

Work this week has been crazy. People are getting sick, and taking time off while the ads for the paper seemed to be increasing. I will admit, as much as I feel stressed at work, there is a small balance I feel. I find myself more productive during those times, or at least feel that way mostly because my brain isn’t distracted by news sites, or fandom sites. It does feel good, during a busy week like this, when the paper is sent to press and we can take a second to breath before going into next weeks issue. It’s a feeling of accomplishment during a rough period.

I’ve been working at the paper long enough to know that the paper will get out… just sometimes later than normal.