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Yes… I know, it’s Tuesday, three days after the wrap up of Blissdom Canada 2014. I’ve been meaning to sit myself down on my couch and hash out all the experiences I had while at the blogging convention, accept real life got in the way.

Sunday was my drive home, about an hour, so not long. I was barely in my door when I quickly unpacked and threw all my laundry in my basket before running out the door again, this time to my parents to do my laundry. (I unfortunately do not have access to laundry facilities in my apartment.) I arrived home, excited, hoping to chat with my dad about everything… but he wasn’t there. My mom was working nights, so was fast asleep. All I had left was the dog. I didn’t stay long.

Once my laundry was finished, I was back out the door, this time to visit my boyfriend. I pretty much crashed when I walked through his door. But it was nice to talk to someone about my trip. He listened patiently to my ramblings.

Since then, work has been incredibly stressful. They installed a new printer at work while I was away… yeah, it doesn’t work.

Anyways, now I’m rambling!

Blissdom Canada, proved to be a great experience for me! As a newbie, i was pretty much walking into the conference blind. I knew it had to do with blogging, and social media, and networking. I knew I wanted to begin expanding in networking as well, as an aspiring writer I hoped to connect with other writers, editors and even publishers to gain some insights in the business and put my name out there.

Though I wasn’t able to connect with as many writers as I had wanted to, I still had a great time with those new people I did meet as well as finding one publisher that could help me along my own path. There were sessions on pitching, and building your platform that was beneficial and I hope to try to apply those methods to my own blog in the future.

There were also a number of really great inspirational keynotes with incredible people. I was overwhelmed by the end of it all. With so much information, it’s going to be hard to recall every bit and detail.

Other parts of the weekend included the awesome food from the Delta Hotel, as well as the amazing parties put on every night. The Throwback Thursday party was INCREDIBLE! It wasn’t just any party, we were treated to a Much Music Video party! Filled with great music from the past! I was dancing nonstop! It was also there, that I had my first White Russian. Kahlua was the sponsor for the night, and they made great White Russians! It’s defiantly made it on my list of top cocktails.

Friday night was the Lentil Carnival. That party I was hesitant on, having not much experience with Lentils. However I was proven delightfully wrong. The food available was delicious, from corn dogs, to burgers, to truffles and ice cream. Lentils were everywhere with an old style carnival as the background. There were can-can dancers, a strong man and a number of carnival games to play at. Even though I was exhausted already from two days of sessions and learning, I stayed and had a fantastic time.

To wrap up Blissdom on Saturday night was the Pyjama Party. Unfortunately by then, I had a gnawing headache, but I made sure to pop in and dance for an hour. Seeing everyone in their PJ’s was fun, and in a way sad to know that this would be the last night we would be all together.

Overall, the parties were the highlight of the conference. Not sure what that says about me, but I rarely ever go out like that, and to get the chance to drink and have fun with others was a real pleasure. I hope to have the chance to return to Blissdom in 2015, to meet back up with some of the new friends I’ve made and to get inspired all over again.

Thanks to everyone involved with making Blissdom Canada a success. I know there were a lot of hours put into organizing and the sponsors and everyone else who helped out. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to them all at putting on a great conference.