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To continue on my world creation lists, i’m going to post the simple outline of my next planet, the main planet where my main character will be staying on during the last 3/4 of the book. If you haven’t already checked it out, my first planet description was of Cavis.

I’ve been avoiding posting the next planet, Genia… mostly because it doesn’t seem complete yet. Of course the setting worksheet was very simple, yet still I didn’t feel as if i’ve managed to get my vision down on paper. I’m hoping that once I get a chance to fully explore the planet I’ll have a clearer description ready.


Genia (Planet)

Colonized: 3599 Earth Year – or 599 FTP (First Terraformed Planet)

Location: Outer Rim – Zetta Quadrant

Genia is an outer rim oasis planet. Mostly covered in thick forests, mountains, natural oceans and lakes with two polar axis. With a rich supply of natural resources, the government of Genia placed strict restrictions on its exports, maintaining and creating a resort like planet. Catering to the the wealthy, Genia evolved into a planet of luxury and technical advantages, engineering many of the brightest minds of the galaxy. It also has two moons named Badra and Cyra.

With limits on the sizes of cities, factories and other buildings and businesses, the planet has retained much of it’s natural sights, smells and beauties. Natural grass, trees and wildlife has made Genia a wonderful environment.

Genia is one of the few planets discovered that did not require terraforming in order to make the surface livable. It has it’s own unique plants and wildlife that had made Genia a curiosity for a number of scientists. With minimal development that would affect the environment, Genia’s scientific beginnings grew to a technology oasis. Creating many new inventions and equipment. It is rumoured that the invention of the Enion Suits was on Genia.

City: Bresia:
One of the largest cities on Genia as well as the Capitol of the planet. Home to Bresia University, one of the greatest universities of the galaxy. There is also a spaceport, along with a number of high tech industry businesses. City expands towards woods in the north, a large sea to it’s east, and a number of agricultural lands to the south and west before the mountains to the west take over.

Role in Story: This is where Blake moves to with her father, a drastic change from what she is used to.

Related Characters: Blake, father, school friends, teachers.

Season: early spring?


If you compare the two planets, I wanted the second one to be drastically different, polar opposites. I not only wanted to show the differences in planets and their own evolution, but also the differences in opportunities Blake has at obtaining her dream.

On Cavis, her only chance would be to make it in the street games, but the rewards would be limited. She would never be able to break from her life in the lower levels and enter an official competition. On Genia, it’s different. Now in a high end school, she has the opportunity to enter the games legit. Her name can be seen on score boards that will be reported on all over the galaxy. I’m not sure i’ll be making a great message with this line of ideas. It almost sounds like i’ll be exploring how with wealth there is better education and thus better employment and opportunities. Who knows… maybe it’s my subconscious trying to say something about myself.

It may seem that i’m trying to make a utopia with Genia, and I’ll admit that was part of the plan, but I know that there are no such things as utopia. I do plan to developing more of the greedy underbelly of the planet, maybe through her father’s eye more than hers. Of what, i dunno. That is where letting the story take you away comes into play. I hope that my characters will discover something that I didn’t know was there.

Let me know your thoughts, what you think of the two planets in my story and if you have any ideas of improvement or other planets that could help broaden my galaxy.