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If you don’t know by now, i’m a huge paranormal lover. I don’t know what but I love watching all those ghost hunter shows, movies and anything else that relates to the genre, i’ve even written a book that I plan on turning into a series about a ghost hunter investigation team. So when I was snooping around Geek and Sundry, and saw this new show called “Spooked: A Paranormal Comedy”, I knew I had to watch it.

The show so far only has 4 episodes, and a handful of extra bonus material. Yet, those four episodes had been fantastic. Below is a description of the show off their site:

Spooked is about a ragtag group of ghost hunters, comprised of their leader Connor (Julian Curtis), occult specialist Morgan (Ashley Johnson), tech aficionado Lindsey (Neil Grayston), fanboy Elliot (Derek Mio) and their secret weapon Piper (Shyloh Oostwald) who can actually talk to ghosts.

Yeah, that just sold it for me.

The show is quirky, funny and at the same time a little spooky. Piper is one of my favorite characters, a young girl who rarely speaks to anyone, except ghosts. With long black hair and a blank expression on her face most of the time it’s exciting just to see how she interacts with others and visa versa.

I don’t want to give to much away here, with only a small amount of episodes it’s hard to really get into too much details about episodes and the team’s relationship status… which is brought up at odd and irresponsible places.

If you are looking for a fun, spooky paranormal show to watch before Halloween, this is it! Enjoy!