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So, here lies another Friday. Thanksgiving has passed, all my leftovers have been eaten up and I’m once more working towards writing another novel in one month. It is surprising how time flies, and I realize a little to late, that some of my goals were not accomplished. Yet, it is also the month of spookiness, of fright and terror and fun!

I have always loved October, it is one of my most favourite times of the year. For starters, I love autumn, the leaves changing colour and falling to the ground. The crispness of the air. The anticipation of Halloween. Part of that anticipation includes all those horror movies i’ve put off, partly because I’m afraid to watch them, but also because I want to watch them at the right time.

In the past, I’ve spent the month of October going back and watching some of those classic horror movies, the ones that came out when I was too young, or not brave enough at the time to watch. They have included Halloween, Friday that 13th, Paranormal Activity, the Evil Dead trilogy, Pet Cemetery, Scream and a few others. Neftlix is amazing in that they have a fantastic list of great Horror Movies to watch. I know I’m a bit late to this, but I hope to flesh out the rest of October with a few more movies reviews. I’m open to any suggestions!

In other news, i’m starting to miss my boyfriend. He’s in India for two weeks for work, and I didn’t expect to miss him this much. Thankfully he’s been able to text me a few times this week, which was great to hear from him and I really look forward to when he get’s back next Friday. (Maybe he can watch some of those horror movies with me!)

Given the build up for NaNoWriMo, I’ve neglected my goal of posting my Harry Potter FanFiction to my blog. It is still in review, and I still plan on posting it, I just need another month of isolation to get through the re-write lol. (the internet is just way too distracting for me!) Yet, my NaNo project is on track, most of my characters have been established, and the basic outline of the novel has been jotted down, I hope when it comes down to writing I can add some complexities and side plots to help build up my word count. We’ve got a NaNo planning session next Sunday, and the Kick-off party on the 31st, (meaning I can wear my Dalek dress again!!!)

The only other thing on my plate currently are my christmas crafts. I managed to sew a new stocking for myself and plan to do one up for my boyfriend as well. With a few other ornament projects on the go, I hope to finish those up before December hits. My Doctor Who quilt, like my Harry Potter fanfic, has unfortunately been pushed to the side until I can order the additional fabric I need. Such is life.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!