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It’s day five of NaNoWriMo and I managed to accomplish 10,542 words! Yeah me! – Well almost, 10k into my novel and it doesn’t make much sense. I’m already contradicting myself and second guessing a few of my plot developments. Of course, the whole purpose of NaNo is just to write and not look back. Hopefully by the end of the novel I still like it enough to attempt a re-write, (it’ll need one!).

As you can tell, i’m already procrastination.

Besides trying to buckle down on my writing, i’ve managed to complete a couple of my holiday crafts. My christmas stocking for myself and my boyfriend are finished and now it’s time to focus on gifts and filling his sock up. This will be our first real christmas together, and I want to make it somewhat special if I can. So fingers cross he’ll like my stocking I made him.

I may be scarce here and on my other role-play sites for the next couple of weeks, but i’ll try to do some updates when I can.