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First off, in NaNoWriMo i’m up to a total word count of 27399. That’s pretty impressive given i’ve slacked off a few days this week. I’m starting to get into the drama of the book now so i’m enjoying myself more. I just have to put my fingers to the keyboard and keep writing.

In other news, and the reason for my previous slacking is that i’ve had to visit the dentist twice in the last two weeks, with a third visit next. Yup, things are not going well with my teeth. The first was a basic appointment, which lead to my dentist finding a chipped & cracked tooth to fixed. Okay.. fine. Then, that weekend my mouth began to ACHE! I’ve never felt so much pain. Thankfully advil was my friend and i’ve managed to keep the pain low. It just.. when I went back and told them about the pain, i’m told that i’ve have to get a rootcanel.

And they are not cheap!

I freaked out a little, i’ve never had a rootcanel before, so no idea what’s going to happen. Thankfully my dad is a pro at having them done, and told me not to worry. But in the meantime, it’s nearing christmas and my bank accounts are getting low. I’m afraid it may be a cheap christmas this year for me. I’ve decided to pull back on some of the gifts I was going to order online. This is probably going to be one of the tightest christmas financially i’ve ever faced.

On the good side, I asked my parents for help and they are going to help pay for the rootcanel! I just really hope that nothing else pops up at me before the end of the year! i’m not sure if i can handle anything else.


One a side note. I’m wanting to read some Feminist books. I’ve never really looked too deeply on the subject before so really have no idea where to start. I was wondering if any of you had some suggestions of authors, or books to start me off with. I’m mostly looking into theory books, but if you know of some good fiction I’ll be interested in that too.