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My Little Monster Review

When I watch anime, it’s usually your action/adventure genre. I rarely get into the romance stories, Host Club is probably the closest to romance anime that i’ve seen in recent years that comes to mind. However, recently Netflix has contracted a lot of new Anime to their site, and when I say My Little Monster, it intrigued me.

Basically… I wanted something fun and fluffy to watch. I got my cute bits, but a lot more. I actually loved the romance story, I loved that it showed the complexities of relationships, the opposites attract scenario, with a strong female lead who learns to accept her emotions for the male, but still focus on her own life and her own goals. The entire season is about her finding a balance between them.

So, let’s get to the plot. Netflix has this:

An icy bookworm. A fiery troublemaker. They’re not the most ell-adjusted teenagers, but they’ve got each other.

Pretty simple, huh?

So, our heroine, Shizuku Mizutani, is our icy bookworm. She is focused on grades and becoming successful to the point where she is very emotionless to everyone around her. Which adds to the conflict later. She basically has shut down her emotions so she could focus all of her energy on studying. Her home situation has her mother away at work constantly, because her father is a pretty lousy business man who keeps loosing their food market.

Shizuku is asked by the teacher to take homework to a boy in her class who was suspended the first day due to a fight. (A bloody fight). Our first appearance of the male lead, Haru, has him jumping out of a window thinking Shizuku is trying to force him to go back to school. His suspension is over, and the teacher does want Shizuku to help her get him back into class, and  bribes her by giving her extra points on one of the tests.

Haru has a tendency to come upon Shizuku from behind and pull her into some dark alley, as a stalker or kidnapper would do. Of course when Haru realizes Shizuku isn’t there to force him to school, and that she stands up for him amongst his friends, he suddenly proclaims his love for her, (but not in that way), and becomes her friend. Meaning he starts coming to school.


There are shenanigans, as the friendship grows, and includes more people. Shizuku seems to be the only person Haru listens too, which helps him avoid fights on school, while teaching Shizuku herself to how to treat others and friends.

I guess what really got a hold of me is how much Shizuku questions her feelings, trying to figure out why she feels this way, what love feels like and how to deal with it while still keeping her grades. She may not make the right choices all the time, but seeing the struggle she goes through is important. To be honest, I felt like her many times in my own relationships as I myself have little to no experiences in boyfriends and the like. The whole, ‘is this love?’ questions hit me on a personal level.

There are love triangles, other teenage issues, and a rooster involved as well, but you will have to watch the anime in order to understand what I mean. In the end, I found My Little Monster a long-awaited story that i’ve been craving, but didn’t know I was. It is filled with what I think some great life lessons on friendships, relationships in loyalty and how to comprehend and deal with these teenage emotions.

If you’re in a mood for a high school drama/comedy/romance anime.  I highly suggest checking this one out.