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Is everyone ready for Christmas? Anyone?

Sure, it’s the first weekend of December, but it’s what… 18 days left till Christmas? Doesn’t seem so far away when you put it like that. Christmas music is all over the radios now. Malls are full of gift shoppers, deals and holiday decor. Even the Santa Claus parades are up and going. Santa is just around the corner.

What about the Christmas spirit? What are you doing to get yourself prep for the holiday season? I’ve recently sat down to watch a few great Christmas movies, Elf, Arthur Christmas, and tonight I watched Scrooged. I’ve also managed to decorate my little tree, wrap a few gifts and get the last bits of fabric I need for some more christmas ornaments i plan to make for my co-workers this year.

I’m not finished with my shopping, but i’m getting close. With only a few weekends left, my time is running out on those side projects of mine. But I’m sure i’ll be able to finish in time if I put the effort into it this week.

So, I hope everyone is not getting swept away in the stress, and chaos this time of year can bring. It is the season of caring, kindness, and counting one’s blessings. Take time for family and friends, have fun and enjoy!