These past few months have not been going in my favour. First back in August I had issues with my car, had to replace brakes, routers, and even one of my electrical components. It wasn’t cheap, and came just before my BlissDom 2014 experience. But I managed to push through and financially I wasn’t too bad.

Now skip a head to end of October, my dentist appointment. They found a crack, came back a week later with major tooth aches and discovered I needed a root cannel. Not cheap either. Thankfully my parents are awesome and helped my financial situation out by paying for my root cannel.

Now… two weeks away from Christmas, i’m laid up again. This time a fracture in my right ankle. Up… things are just not going my way. I think the universe is against me for some reason. 😦

In my new incident, I had been walking home after picking up a sub for supper. It was cold, but hadn’t snowed yet, I passed a car wash, saw the pavement was wet but didn’t think it was ice. It was ice, and boy did I whipped out. I knew I did something to my right ankle, but I thought all I did was twist it or sprained it. That night I just left it, iced it, kept it up and too some pain meds. By the morning, things hadn’t changed.

Again, my parents are amazing, even though my mom just got home from an overnight shift, she came over and picked me up to take me to Emergency. I was still hoping it was just a sprain, and we just wanted to make sure nothing was broken. But alas… it was.

I’ve never fractured anything in my life until now. My brother was the one dislocating arms, fracturing wrists and such. So this is all new to me. Thankfully the fracture was on a non-weight bearing bone, which was why I could still hobble around.  The doctor at the ER said that it was a good fracture, going up and down, though on an odd bone and position than normal. I was fitted with one of those plastic pump up boots (again my parents paid for it). After picking up my laptop and some books I was driven to my parents place where i’ve parked myself on the couch and kept my foot up and avoid walking around as much as possible.

I’m not sure what i’m more upset about, that I fell, or that it was only two weeks before Christmas? It has definitely put a damper on my spirits. I feel guilty for having to take off work, especially when we’re gearing up for the last issues of the year. Part of me still wanted to go back into work, after all i’m a graphic designer and sit at a desk all day, but my parents told me it may be best to keep off it until Monday. Give the bone some time to heal and hopefully i’ll be more mobile next week. Of course I won’t be able to drive anywhere either. Another damper. People at work have already offered to drive me around, and I’m sure i’ll be taking up their offer.

4 – 8 weeks. That’s still a long time for healing. Hopefully i’ll be one of those ‘heals quickly’ people, but we’ll see. In the meantime, I want to go back and do some rewrites on past stories and novels. I’ve got two new fantasy stories in my head I want to explore as well. My fairy story, and now a remake of the Grimm’s The Goose Girl story. I’m sure I can keep myself occupied this weekend.