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Welcome to my first fan-fiction!

About a year ago I decided to finally take a stab at fan-fiction. I’ve always had my day dreams about certain characters from all over my fandom, coming up with new adventures and characters for them to interact with. I’ve used those ideas as inspiration with my original fiction, which has helped a lot. But I thought it was time to attempt to do an actual fan fiction, to really get into a world that I love and to try my hand and crafting my own story around it.

Instead of focusing on the Harry Potter timeline of the books, i’ve decided to take things further into the future while his children are at Hogwarts. It’s the year 2022, and the story surrounds an Original Character named Alexis Rune, a teenage witch from Japan who is suddenly thrown into the custody of her estranged uncle in London. From there, she begins to uncover secrets of her father’s family that lead him to leave London and start over in Japan.

The plan is to post a chapter once a week, beginning January 9th. There is an index in the main menu where links will be kept up to date for the following chapters. Please feel free to comment or let me know your thoughts as the story progresses. This a new experience for me and I’m a bit nervous given all the huge fans out there, it may not be to everyone’s liking, but I’ve written this more for myself than to anyone else.

I hope you enjoy The Rune Legacy!