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So, when I went to see the latest Hobbit Movie, there was a brochure on the Cineplex ticket counter that I picked up to look through before the movie started. I was completely floored when I realized it was an upcoming Digital Film Fest promotion, and the more I glanced at the movies, the more I want to go.

The Film Fest is happening between January 30th to February 5th. About six days, and 16 movies. Yup, 16 in less than a week. Of course many of the movies are being shown in the afternoon and early evenings during the week, but it seems they’ve got a number on the weekend to view as well.

But that’s besides the point, really, you’re asking what are the movies?

Dick Tracy
The Rocketeer
The Monster Squad
Blade Runner
X2: X-Men United
X-Men: The Last Stand
X-Men: First Class
X-Man: Days of Future Past
Pan’s Labyrinth
Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2

K, that’s a lot of movies, and I know what you’re thinking… they should have just called it the X film festival. I mean…. look at all the Xmen movies!!!

So, out of the list, there are about 5 movies i haven’t seen at all before, maybe 5.5 (i’ve seen clips of Dick Tracy on TV but not all the way through). The Monster Squad is at the top of my list to watch, followed by Darkman. The others (Alien, and the Kill Bill movies are on my ‘meh’ if someone wants to see them i’ll join them sort of movie).

BUT look… The Rocketeer, OMG! My brother and I used to watch that on VHS constantly as kids, to be able to watch that on the big screen seems unreal! The same with Blade Runner and Dick Tracy. I’m pretty excited over these movies and i hope I can get my boyfriend out to see a few. Anyone else nearby me who’d like to go, give me a call!

What movie would you like to see brought back to the Big Screen, either as an anniversary edition or part of a film festival?