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So… I hope i’m not the only one that get’s these nudges on my cell for this apps. For me, a lot of them is in regards to this ‘romance sim’ game. Though, i’m not sure if it’s much of a game… but i was curious enough to give one a go.

Shall We Date? Wizardress is one of many romantic, dating, novel like apps by NTT Solmare. I found the app on iTunes app menu, but i’m sure they can be found somewhere else. It features anime/manga drawings, and you pass through the screens like flipping pages in a book. There is a catch, in that you do require ‘story tickets’ to continue with the story. You get a new one once every 4 hours, meaning you can only get so far before you’ve used up all the tickets and have to wait.

So far, (as i’m still only on my first storyline), you pick one of the main men as your love interest. As the story unfolds, you get to choose your own answer to situations, or questions which effects your ‘intimacy’ score. There are three possible endings per love interest, and your intimacy level will choose which one you get.

Let me tell you… i’m really enjoy it. The story revolves around a young girl who gets accepted to a magic school. On her first day she meets three young men: Elias – the goody-goody, prince type character; Lucca – the mischievous, skips class and gets into trouble character; and Yukiya – the mysterious loner with a curse eye character.

Yeah… i picked my first time run through with Yukiya has my ‘mate’ lol.

Anyways, the main character, (whom you can name whomever you want), has a natural magical ability to talk to animals, but all her other magic is a disaster. Making her studies at the school a challenge. We also discover that everyone has a ‘buddy’ at school, though some take a long time to find their buddy, the purpose of which is to create a bond that benefits the two individuals. Basically if you’re failing, your buddy fails as well, a little incentive to work hard to not let down your buddy.

It turns out that Yukiya is my character’s buddy, awesome yes, but he constantly avoids her and tells her he’s curse and she shouldn’t get too close. My character, through my own prompts refuses to listen to him and struggles to become friends.. which (at chapter 6) is starting to turn into romance! Yeah!

The first five chapters at this point is in relation to making a friendship with Yukiya and the going ons around the school. There are hints that there is a tower that houses a dragon which Lucca has been trying to get at, but is surrounded by magic spells. I have a feeling that my character will be pulled into that storyline eventually… only because there is a mysterious melody only she can hear at night that makes her go to sleep. In the last chapter, my character told Yukiya about the song and was given a strong warning NOT to tell Lucca.

It’s a very sweet and light-hearted story, that at night or at lunch hour isn’t bad to pull out your phone and do a couple of chapters.  There are a few mistakes though as I’ve noticed, mostly grammar and a few missing letters that I think is part of a translation issue and some program bugs… nothing so far that has caused me to stop playing.

Not only is there the main storyline, but there are a few side games involved as well. You have a magic grade, and sometimes you need to be at a certain level, or have a certain item in order to proceed. In order to increase your magic level, you can do ‘extra circular’ which has you duelling other avatars. Every time you win you get some magic grade points, and ‘lune’ points (money for the game to buy things). Like many of these online games, you can actually purchase coins with real money. Why anyone would is beyond me. I have yet to reach a crossroads where that is necessary.

This is a fun, free app that I would recommend to anyone who just wants a fun interactive story to waste some time on. Once i’m finished with this one, i plan to check out the “Guilty Alice” one that deals with the Alice in Wonderland story.