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This past week, i noticed a friend of mine on twitter talking about the Anne of Green Gables books with this particular has tag #greengablesreadalong. Of course, as a Canadian, a girl who grew up in Canada, I consider myself well aware of the Anne Shirley series by L.M. Montgomery. She was after all on of my favourite authors when I was in grade school! I mean, who doesn’t know about Anne “spelled with an e” Shirley? But… why the sudden interest now? I have not touched any of her books since the early  stages of high school – when I began to get caught up in fantasy and science fiction – and the tweets by my friend interested me.

As it turned out, ReederReeds was doing a special “read along” of the series online, gathering a group of followers. It seemed like some large-scale, digital book club going on and I thought it was about time I revisited these books i cherished so much as a child.

The goal: read one book a month until all 8 books are finished.

I looked at the calendar with a small sinking feeling, I only have two weeks left in January to finish the first book, Anne of Green Gables. Worse still… the books I had; well the books really belong to my mom, were packed away still from moving. Let’s face it, i have too many books, and during my past moves, I’ve placed several of my favourite young adult and grade school books away for safe keeping until I had a child of my own. Digging through the basement wasn’t fun this past Saturday, but after three boxes, we finally found them! – Along with the other L.M. Montgomery books I had, including the Emily of New Moon series, and Jane of Lantern Hill. (My mom kept those out and had decided to read those while I was doing the Anne Series).

With my book series piled by my bed, i have been able to get a third of the first book done already! (YEAH ME!) I have to admit, it’s been so long, yet as I read certain images come floating back. And yes… every part of my imagination of what the characters look like come from the movies and the Road to Avonlea series! Oh how such shows have left a lasting imprint on my mind!

I believe a movie marathon is in order after i finish the series!